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Verbena stricta Vent.
Life   Plantae   Dicotyledoneae   Verbenaceae   Verbena

Verbena stricta, plant and leaf and flower
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Verbena stricta, plant and leaf and flower

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Verbena stricta, seed
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Verbena stricta, seed

Associates · map
FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Apidae  Bombus pensylvanicus @ AMNH_BEE (1)

Habropoda morrisoni @ I_JDZ (1)
Botryosphaeriaceae  Phyllosticta verbenicola @ BPI (1)
Erysiphaceae  Erysiphe cichoracearum @ 561833A (1); 561833B (1); BPI (33)

Erysiphe galeopsidis @ BPI (1)
Mycosphaerellaceae  Cercospora verbenae-strictae @ BPI (5)

Cercospora verbenicola @ BPI (2)

Septoria verbenae @ BPI (8)
Phaeosphaeriaceae  Stagonospora verbenae @ BPI (1)
Pucciniaceae  Puccinia verbenicola @ BPI (6)

Puccinia vilfae @ BPI (46)
Uropyxidaceae  Aecidium verbenae @ BPI (2)

Aecidium verbenicola @ BPI (2)
_  Cicinobolus cesatii @ BPI (1)

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Verbena stricta Vent.

Verbena stricta plant

Family - Verbenaceae

Stems - To 1.5m tall, hirsute, herbaceous, erect, simple to branching above, 4-angled.

Verbena stricta stem

Leaves - Opposite, sessile to very short petiolate, typically ovate, serrate (sometimes doubly), hirsute to villous above and below, to +/-9cm long, +/-5cm broad.

Verbena stricta leaf

Inflorescence - Terminal spikes to -40cm long, indeterminate, with flowers dense and overlapping. Each flower subtended by subulate-attenuate bract to 5mm long. Bracts pubescent and enclosing base of calyx tube.

Verbena stricta inflorescence

Flowers - Corolla blue-purple to rose or whitish, salverform, 5-lobed, zygomorphic. Corolla tube to 5mm long, glabrous and whitish at base, pubescent near apex. Expanded portion of corolla to +/-7mm broad. Lobes to 3mm long, pubescent externally and internally. Stamens 4, didynamous, included, adnate at top 2/3 of corolla tube. Anthers .8mm long, yellow. Filaments wanting. Style green, glabrous, 1.5mm long. Ovary green, 1mm long, glabrous, superior. Calyx tube dense antrorse pubescent to hirsute, 4-5mm long, 5-lobed, with 5 ridges (nerves). Lobes acuminate, unequal, to -1mm long.

Verbena stricta flowers

Flowering - May - September.

Habitat - Disturbed sites, waste ground, pastures, prairies, thickets, roadsides, railroads.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other info. - This attractive species is fairly common in Missouri. The plant is a typical roadsides weed but is deserving of cultivation becasue of its fairly large size and abundant flowers.
This species also has different flower color forms. Form stricta , shown above, has the typical blue-purple flower color. Form albiflora Wadmond , has white flowers. Form roseiflora Benke , has rose-colored flowers.
This and other plants in the family Verbenaceae often have square stems much like the family Lamiaceae . These two families are closely related. Many of the Verbenaceae also have scented foliage.

Photographs taken at the Kansas City Zoo, 6-29-00, and near Springfield, MO., 7-4-03.


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