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Vinca minor L.
Common Periwinkle

Life   Plantae   Dicotyledoneae   Apocynaceae   Vinca

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Vinca minor, inflorescence - lateral view of flower
© Copyright Steve Baskauf, 2002-2011 · 4
Vinca minor, inflorescence - lateral view of flower
Vinca minor, leaf - on upper stem
© Copyright Steve Baskauf, 2002-2011 · 4
Vinca minor, leaf - on upper stem

Vinca minor, stem - showing leaf bases
© Copyright Steve Baskauf, 2002-2011 · 4
Vinca minor, stem - showing leaf bases
Vinca minor, whole plant - in flower - general view
© Copyright Steve Baskauf, 2002-2011 · 4
Vinca minor, whole plant - in flower - general view

Vinca minor, pollen
© Copyright UDEL Pollen 2014 · 1
Vinca minor, pollen
Vinca minor, plant
© Kay Yatskievych, 2003 · 1
Vinca minor, plant

Associates · map
FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Agaricaceae  Phoma @ BPI (1)
Aphididae  Aulacorthum solani @ AMNH_PBI (1)

Macrosiphum ( @ AMNH_PBI (1)

Myzus ( @ NCSU (1); AMNH_PBI (1)
Apidae  Bombus perplexus @ AMNH_BEE (1)

Habropoda laboriosa @ AMNH_BEE (1)
Botryosphaeriaceae  Diplodia vincae @ BPI (3)

Macrophoma vincae @ BPI (1)

Phyllosticta minor @ BPI (13)

Phyllosticta vincae-majoris @ BPI (1)

Phyllosticta vincae-minoris @ BPI (9)

Phyllosticta vincae @ BPI (1)

Phyllosticta @ BPI (2)

Sphaeropsis vincae @ BPI (1)
Braconidae  Aphidius ( @ AMNH_PBI (11)

Ephedrus ( @ AMNH_PBI (3)

Lysiphlebus ( @ AMNH_PBI (4)

Praon unicum @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Ceratobasidiaceae  Rhizoctonia solani @ BPI (3); 456102A (1)
Coccidae  Coccus hesperidum @ CSCA_TCN (1)
Coccinellidae  Harmonia axyridis @ I_LB (2)
Colletidae  Colletes inaequalis @ AMNH_BEE (1)
Davidiellaceae  Cladosporium @ 426069A (1)
Dermateaceae  Mollisia vincae @ BPI (1)
Diaporthaceae  Phomopsis lirella @ 456102B (1)
Didymiaceae  Mucilago spongiosa @ BPI (1)
Dothioraceae  Metasphaeria vincae @ BPI (2)
Encyrtidae  Syrphophagus aphidivorus @ UCRC_ENTA (5)
Hyaloscyphaceae  Dasyscyphus vincae @ BPI (2)
Megachilidae  Osmia pumila @ AMNH_BEE (1)
Mycosphaerellaceae  Mycosphaerella vincae @ BPI (1)

Septoria vincae @ BPI (5)
Nectriaceae  Volutella vincae @ BPI (1)
Phacidiaceae  Ceuthospora feurichii @ BPI (5)

Ceuthospora foliicola @ BPI (2)

Phacidium vincae @ BPI (6)
Plectosphaerellaceae  Verticillium @ BPI (1)
Pleosporaceae  Alternaria @ 426069B (1)
Polyporaceae  Polyporus radiatus @ BPI (1)
Pucciniaceae  Puccinia cribrata @ BPI (11)

Puccinia vincae @ BPI (20)
Sarcosomataceae  Strumella vincae @ BPI (1)
Stictidaceae  Stictis vincae @ BPI (1)
Tricholomataceae  Helotium vincae @ BPI (1)
Typhulaceae  Sclerotium rolfsii @ BPI (1)
Valsaceae  Cytospora foliicola @ BPI (3)

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Vinca minor L. - Periwinkle

Vinca minor plant

Family - Apocynaceae

Stems - Trailing, twining, herbaceous, green, glabrous or sparsely glandular pubescent, typically hollow, to +2m long.

Leaves - Opposite, petiolate. Petioles to 4mm long, glabrous. Blades elliptic-ovate to oblong-elliptic, glabrous, entire, acute, shiny green above, silvery green below, to +3.5cm long, -2cm broad.

Vinca minor leaves

Inflorescence - Single flowers from the leaf axils. Pedicels to -2cm long in flower.

Flowers - Corolla 2.5-3cm broad, salverform, 5-lobed, bluish-purple. Corolla tube 1.1cm long, glabrous externally, pubescent internally just at throat. Lobes truncate at apex, 1cm long and broad (at apex). Stamens 5, opposite the corolla lobes, adnate at apex of the corolla tube. Filaments green, 2.5mm long, bent at the base and with a few hairs in the lower portion of the bend, expanded and compressed at the apex. Anthers yellow, 1.6mm long, densely pubescent. Style green, 4.5mm long, glabrous. Stigma densely white pubescent (villous). Ovary 2-carpellate, superior, 1.4mm long, green, glabrous, with two opposing nectaries adjacent to the carpels. Nectaries yellowish to purple in flower. Calyx 5-lobed, green, glabrous. Tube to 1.5mm long. Lobes typically 4-5mm long, linear-subulate, acute, glabrous. Often 1 lobe expanded and colored as the corolla.

Vinca minor flower

Vinca minor calyx Calyx.

Flowering - April - May.

Habitat - Woods, bluffs, waste ground.

Origin - Native to Europe.

Other info. - This popular species in cultivation has found its way to many wild places in Missouri. It can be aggressive if left unchecked and can form large mats covering many square meters. The striking blue flowers appear in the spring. This species can be differentiated from a similar species, V. major L. , by its smaller leaves and flowers.

Photographs taken off Hwy 158, Rockingham County, NC., 3-22-03.


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Delaware Wildflowers  •  Scientific names

Vinca minor L. Lesser Periwinkle
Apocynaceae — Dogbane family
Invasive non-native
Vinca minor
Middle Run Valley Natural Area
April 2003 Vinca minor
New Linden Hill Road
April 2015

More information on this plant, from other sources.

Copyright David G. Smith

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http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?query_src=dl&where-taxon=Vinca+minor&where-lifeform=specimen_tag&rel-lifeform=ne&rel-taxon=begins+with&where-lifeform=Plant ---> https://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?query_src=dl&where-taxon=Vinca+minor&where-lifeform=specimen_tag&rel-lifeform=ne&rel-taxon=begins+with&where-lifeform=Plant
&pull 20q v4.662 20091102: Error 501 Protocol scheme 'https' is not supported (LWP::Protocol::https not installed) https://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?query_src=dl&where-taxon=Vinca+minor&where-lifeform=specimen_tag&rel-lifeform=ne&rel-taxon=begins+with&where-lifeform=Plant

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