Dan Perlman Curriculum vita

Dan L. Perlman
Biology Department
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02454-9110
(781) 736-2687


Harvard University, Ph.D., 1992, in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. Dissertation title: "Colony Founding among Azteca Ants." Professors Edward O. Wilson and Bert Hölldobler were my advisors.
Yale University, B.A., magna cum laude, 1979, with Distinction in Biology track of Psychology.
Teaching and Curriculum Development Experience
Chair, Environmental Studies Program , Brandeis University 2004 - present
Associate Professor, Biology Department, Brandeis University 2005 - present
Assistant Professor, Biology Department, Brandeis University 2002 - 2005
Lecturer in Environmental Studies, Brandeis University 2001 - 2002
While at Brandeis I have developed and taught Conservation Biology, Evolutionary Ecology, Field Biology, Tropical Ecology, Biology of Behavior, and Humans and the Environment.
Faculty Associate, Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, Cambridge, Mass. 1999 - 2001
Writing a textbook on ecology and conservation for landscape architects, land use planners, and developers.
Lecturer in Environmental Science and Public Policy and
Tutor in Biology, Harvard College 1990 - 1999
Developed and taught Conservation Biology and Biodiversity, a year-long, field-based, writing-intensive seminar, with 3 weeks of field work, including 2 weeks in Costa Rica. This seminar offered biological, economic, legal, policy, and philosophical perspectives on the conservation of biodiversity.
Instructor, NSF Course for College Professors (Chautauqua Program) 1998 - present
Developed and taught three-day workshops for professors of conservation biology and environmental science on how to create case studies and effectively employ field work, writing, and the Internet in their teaching.
Scientist and Senior Research Associate,
Technical Education Research Centers (TERC), Cambridge, Mass. 1992 - 1995
Co-developed two high school ecology curricula.
Co-coordinator, Organization for Tropical Studies Course 1990
Co-taught Tropical Biology: An Ecological Approach, a two-month field course in Costa Rica for graduate students in ecology; advised students on field research, designed field problems, and gave lectures
Teaching Fellow, Harvard University 1984 - 1992
Evolutionary Biology with E. O. Wilson; Ethology with Bert Hölldobler; Evolutionary Animal Behavior with Bruce Waldman; Introductory Biology with Karel Liem, Richard Lewontin, Andrew Knoll

Fellowships, Grants, and Awards

Student Union Teaching Award, Brandeis University. Awarded to one faculty member annually, 2004 & 2005.
An Anonymous Foundation and Baker Foundation Grants. These funds support the development of EcoLibrary, an
online library of my digital ecology and environmental images and other educational materials. These are
freely available to educators and students of environmental studies, ecology, and conservation biology at
EcoLibrary.org, 2003.
Phi Beta Kappa Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Harvard University. The Phi Beta Kappa Prize
was awarded to four faculty members in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 1996.
Innovation in Teaching Grant, Harvard College, to help fund course expenses of Conservation Biology and Biodiversity seminar, 1991.
Fulbright Scholar, Costa Rica, "Colony Founding among Azteca Ants" in Costa Rica, 1987 - 1989.
John Courtney Murray Fellow, Yale University, for study of dragonflies in the South Pacific, 1980 - 1981.
Textbooks Published
Perlman D. L. and Milder J. C. (2005) Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens. Island Press, Washington, D.C. This book covers ecology and conservation biology for land use professionals and engaged citizens in order to help them make better informed land use decisions and plans.
Wilson E.O. and Perlman D.L. (2000) Conserving Earth's Biodiversity. Island Press, Washington, D.C. Interactive CD-ROM on conservation biology and biodiversity used in undergraduate environmental science and conservation biology courses, high school biology classes, and by major conservation groups such as The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and Conservation International. I was the program's Project Director, Principal Photographer, and Co-Author.
Perlman D.L. and Adelson G. (1997) Biodiversity: Exploring Values and Priorities in Conservation. Blackwell Science, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts. This text focuses on the role that human values play in the setting of conservation priorities. It is used in conservation biology classes with upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, as well as in environmental law courses.
Other Publications
Perlman D.L. and Paskowitz D. (1997) "Conservation and Biodiversity of Insects," in The Science of Entomology, 4th edition, eds. Romoser W.S. and Stoffolano J.G. William C. Brown Publishers, Dubuque, IA.
Cooper D.S. and Perlman D.L. (1997) "Habitat Conservation on Military Installations," Fremontia. 25, 3-8.
Choe J.C. and Perlman D.L. (1997) "Social Conflict and Cooperation among Founding Queens in Ants," in The Evolution of Social Behavior in Insects and Arachnids, eds. Choe J.C. and Crespi B.J. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K.
Cain W.S., Leaderer B.P., Isseroff R., Berglund L.G., Huey R.J., Lipsitt E.D. and Perlman D. (1983) "Ventilation Requirements in Buildings--I. Control of Occupancy Odor and Tobacco Smoke Odor," Atmospheric Environment. 17, 1183-1197.
Goldsmith T.H., Collins J.S., and Perlman D.L. (1981) "A Wavelength Discrimination Function for the Hummingbird Archilochus alexandri," Journal of Comparative Psychology. 143, 103-110.
Selected Invited Lectures and Presentations
Lectures and presentations given to the following groups, 1998-present:
Plenary Lecture at 8th International Congress of Ecology, Seoul, South Korea
Plenary Lecture at 4th Brazilian Protected Areas Congress, Curitiba, Brazil
Plenary Lecture at the annual Society for Conservation Biology conference (delivered with E.O. Wilson)
Biodiversity Conservation Prioritisation Process Conference, New Delhi, India
Conservation International's Board of Directors
The Nature Conservancy's Annual Trustee Meeting
The Nature Conservancy's Senior Management Group
World Wildlife Fund-US Conservation Science and Environmental Education staffs
World Bank Environment Staff
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Environment Staff
American Association for the Advancement of Science Workshop
National Science Teachers Association Workshop
Nature Photography
Exhibits of Costa Rican Rainforest Photographs at:
American Museum of Natural History, New York.
Boston Museum of Science, Boston.
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University.
Published Photographs Include:
Wilson E.O. and Perlman D.L. (2000) Conserving Earth's Biodiversity. Island Press, Washington, D.C. I
was principal photographer for this interactive CD-ROM.
Halfmann J. (author) and Perlman D.L. (photographer) (1998) Ants. The Creative Company,
Mankato, Minnesota.
Patent D.H. (author) and Perlman D.L. (photographer) (1996) Children Save the Rain Forest.
Cobblehill Dutton, New York.

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