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White Fronted Amazon Parrot
by Nancy Lowe

Last updated: 8 April, 2005

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  • All living things -- for natural history information on the flora and fauna.
  • Checklists -- for lists of species from Great Smoky Mountains National Park & elsewhere
  • Conservation -- conservation information will appear here; currently links to an article that outlines conservation issues, focused on the Appalachians
  • Education -- for training guides, research protocols, training teachers & students how to study biodiversity and put their findings on the Web.
  • Events -- for ATBI & associated events
  • Get Involved -- to enter data about yourself so that you can get involved
  • Help -- for this page. Read the following "helps" before you use IDnature guides and other tools on Discover Life:
  • IDnature guides -- on-line identification guides to help you identify organisms
  • Insect Diversity Project -- our site devoted to the databasing of insect species in various locations
  • Invasives -- information on invasive species
  • Labels -- allows you to retrieve label information, input data, and make labels
  • Links -- links to associated sites
  • Maps -- allows you to build and display maps using the Polistes Global Map Browser, developed in partnership with, includes 1:1,000,000 scale maps of the world, topographic maps of the United States, and aerial photographs of 89% of the United States.
  • Nature Days -- a program that we are developing to establish ecological study sites around the world
  • Register -- register to become involved and receive information
  • Report -- to report results use the "Report" tool in IDnature guide's banner
  • Search -- search for participants, key words, and locate species by common and scientific names.
  • Study sites -- plans & methods for study of Great Smokies & elsewhere.
  • Who we are -- names & addresses, organizational structure, correspondence, events and travel information.

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