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White Fronted Amazon Parrot
by Nancy Lowe

Last updated: 30 August, 2005

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This following explains some of the major links and tools on Discover Life. Click on the blue links below to go to them.

  • All living things -- browse natural history information on the flora and fauna.
  • Checklists -- for lists of species from Great Smoky Mountains National Park & elsewhere
  • Conservation -- conservation information will appear here; currently links to an article that outlines conservation issues, focused on the Appalachians
  • Education -- for training guides, research protocols, training teachers & students how to study biodiversity and put their findings on the Web.
  • Events -- for ATBI & associated events
  • Get Involved -- to enter data about yourself so that you can get involved
  • Global Mapper -- map observations at scale ranging from global maps to local aerial photographs.
  • Site map - Help -- for this page. Read the "Help" below before you use IDnature guides and other tools on Discover Life.
  • IDnature guides -- on-line identification guides to help you identify organisms
  • Insect Diversity Project -- our site devoted to the databasing of insect species in various locations
  • Invasives -- information on invasive species
  • Labels -- allows you to retrieve label information, input data, and make labels
  • Links -- links to associated sites
  • Nature Days -- a program that we are developing to establish ecological study sites around the world
  • Register -- register to become involved and receive information
  • Report -- to report results use the "Report" tool in IDnature guide's banner
  • Search -- search for participants, key words, and locate species by common and scientific names.
  • Study sites -- plans & methods for study of Great Smokies & elsewhere.
  • Who we are -- names & addresses, organizational structure, correspondence, events and travel information.


  • Maps You can build and display maps using the Global Map, developed in partnership with This includes 1:1,000,000 scale maps of the world, topographic maps of the United States, and aerial photographs of 89% of the United States. To put links on your Website that will display customized maps, please see Map Help.
  • Search Box -- You can customize Discover Life's "Search Box" and embed it in your Web pages. Click on this link and view the source code. By changing two variables, "btxt" and "burl," you can customize the search tool so that it's navigation bar returns users to any Web page. For an example of how this works, use the search box on ASEANET's homepage.


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Discover Life | All Living Things | Identification Guides | Help