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Get Involved Enter data about yourself so that you can get involved. Education Training teachers & students how to study biodiversity and put their findings on the Web.
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Discover Life in America is a volunteer science and education non-profit organization to study, use, conserve, and enjoy the diversity of life. Our founding principle is to forge a partnership among scientists, students, and other citizens both to teach and to learn while doing science. Everyone can contribute to the knowledge needed to better manage and protect biodiversity and thus improve our environmental health and economic wellbeing.

Our first mission is to complete a comprehensive study of all the species in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park--an ATBI of the Great Smokies. As we gain synergy from this geographically focused effort, we will share our experience and help studies and educational programs elsewhere.

This Web site helps coordinate our activities, provides training and research guidance, and disseminates information on the taxonomy, identification, natural history, and ecology of species. The usefulness of its documents, images, sounds, databases, and links will grow as we all contribute. We ask for your help and invite you to get involved.

We moved to in July, 1998. The site will be "under construction" until we complete the ATBI in 2010 and present our findings here. Currently, all pages are in draft form, their accuracy unchecked. We seek your help to collect, present, and correct information. Please get involved, send us input, and help better understand and manage biodiversity. -- Keith Langdon ( and John Pickering (

Last modified 21 April, 1999.