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Loading your iPHONE with Crickets and Katydids

Want to know immediately what that cricket or katydid is that is calling while you are out walking the dog, but don't recall? Well, add them to your iPHONE or iPOD. Here's how:

  1. Download each of the 10 ten sound files on the Cricket Crawl page ( to your desktop.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer.
  3. Drag the 10 sound files into iTunes.
  4. In iTunes, locate the “cricket” sound files quickly and easily by typing the word “cricket” into the iTunes search box on the upper right side of the iTunes window.
  5. Once the sound files become visible in iTunes, hand-enter the phrase “Cricket Crawl” under the “Artist” and “Album” categories. Just type the words “Cricket Crawl” once and then copy and paste into the appropriate spots thereafter. This will organize the cricket sound files into one “album” that iTunes will recognize as such, making the sound files easy to find.
  6. Next, enter the word “katydid” into the iTunes search box and follow the instructions in #5, above, to add all of the katydid sound files to your newly created “Cricket Crawl” album.
  7. Once all 10 sound files have been added to your “Cricket Crawl” album, it’s time to create a “Cricket Crawl” playlist. Do so as you’d create any other playlist in iTunes, then drag your “Cricket Crawl” album into this new playlist.
  8. Plug your iPhone into your computer.
  9. Once the iPhone icon appears in iTunes and the syncing process begins, navigate to the “Music” tab and select the “Cricket Crawl” playlist for inclusion on your iPhone playlists. Then click “Apply” to ensure that your new “Cricket Crawl” playlist is added to your iPhone.
  10. After the sync is complete, the new playlist will appear on your iPhone iPod. Enjoy!
Thanks go to Gerry Pearlberg for working the process out.

Katydids are not Optional
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I Know the Music
Wilfred Owen

All sounds have been as music to my listening:
Pacific lamentations of slow bells,
The crunch of boots on blue snow rosy-glistening,
Shuffle of autumn leaves; and all farewells:

Bugles that sadden all the evening air,
And country bells clamouring their last appeals
Before [the] music of the evening prayer;
Bridges, sonorous under carriage wheels.

Gurgle of sluicing surge through hollow rocks,
The gluttonous lapping of the waves on weeds,
Whisper of grass; the myriad-tinkling flocks,
The warbling drawl of flutes and shepherds' reeds.

The orchestral noises of October nights
Blowing ( ) symphonetic storms
Of startled clarions ( )
Drums, rumbling and rolling thunderous and ( ).

Thrilling of throstles in the keen blue dawn,
Bees fumbling and fuming over sainfoin-fields.

Crickets are not Optional

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