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Cricket and Katydid Interpretations
From Science to Literature

Artist: Kristine Paulus

  • Poetry
  • Literature
    • Roberta Moore sends in what is perhaps the salient cricket literary work Charles Dickens' The Cricket on the Hearth.

      "...That this song of the kettle's was a song of invitation and welcome to somebody out of doors: to somebody at that moment coming on, towards the snug small home and the crisp fire: there is no doubt whatever Mrs. Peerybingle knew it, perfectly, as she sat musing before the hearth. It's a dark night, sang the kettle, and the rotten leaves are lying by the way; and above, all is mist and darkness, and below, all is mire and clay; and there's only one relief in all the sad and murky air; and I don't know that it is one, for it's nothing but a glare; of deep and angry crimson, where the sun and wind together, set a brand upon the clouds for being guilty of such weather; and the wildest open country is a long dull streak of black; and there's hoar-frost on the finger-post and thaw upon the track; and the ice it isn't water, and the water isn't free; and you couldn't say that anything is what it ought to be; but he's coming, coming, coming! --

      And here, if you like, the Cricket DID chime in! with a Chirrup, Chirrup, Chirrup of such magnitude, by way of chorus; with a voice so astoundingly disproportionate to its size, as compared with the kettle; (size! you couldn't see it!) that if it had then and there burst itself like an overcharged gun, if it had fallen a victim on the spot, and chirruped its little body into fifty pieces, it would have seemed a natural and inevitable consequence, for which it had expressly laboured...."
    • The salient children's cricket book would have to be The Cricket in Times Square. Note that Chester (the cricket protagonist) appears almost certainly to be a Fall Field Cricket, though his paternity is not discussed in the book. There also appears to be some morphological anomolies in Chesters background, perhaps one of the reasons he is hanging out with a cat in a newstand instead of with other crickets.
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Katydids are not Optional

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