General Ecology, ECOL 3500, University of Georgia

Lecture: Scientific & Quantitative Methods; Experimental Design

Updated: 27 January, 2009


  • Example-1: A local paper reported the results of a research study of the health of beer drinkers and non-drinkers. This scientific study was similar in design to many studies on the physiology of humans and the link between nutrition and health. Somewhat surprisingly, the study found that moderate beer drinkers (1-2 beers per day) were in fact healthier (measured fewer days missed from work and fewer doctors visits over the course of the study) than t-totalers. Of all you budding premeds and biochemists, why do you think that small amounts of beer makes you healthier?

  • Example-2: Water Lilies

    Biomass (dry weight): < 0.1gm beetle :: 1,000gm leaf

  • Example-3: Aphid mortality

    Average of multiple samples (N = 1,000 each): 750 live aphids :: 200 wasp mummies :: 50 fungal crispies

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