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Great Smoky Mountains National Park
All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

Planning Workshop
Athens, Georgia
28 January, 1998

List of Participants

Updated: Feb 6, 1998

The following table is generated from a database that we are building of potential collaborators partners for the GSMNP-ATBI. Please send corrections and updates to Heather Alley (e-mail: or tel: 706-542-1388). "Invited" designates individuals who have either not responded or who may attend. "Yes" designates those who definitely plan to attend. To help us plan the workshop's agenda and logistics, we urge "Invited" individuals to please respond as soon as possible. We are removing names of individuals who do not plan to attend the workshop from this table.

Adang, Jo Whit Davis Elementary
Affolter, Jim University of Georgia
Alley, Heather University of Georgia
Barstow, Bill University of Georgia
Bluett, Robert Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School
Bower, Julie Cleveland Road Elementary School
Cook, Walter
Edwards, Amy University of Georgia
Enter, Karl Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail, Athens-Clarke County
Gaasch, Christi Dekalb County Cooperative Extension
Guerrero, Stella Cedar Shoals High School
Hagen, Tom University of Georgia
Harvey, Leigh Winder Barrow High School
Llewellyn, Richard University of Georgia Science Library
Matthews, Bob University of Georgia
McGhee, Liz University of Georgia
Palmer, Carol Cleveland Road Elementary
Palmer, Ed
Peltier, Francis National Park Service, Southeast Regional Office
Pickering, John University of Georgia
Pickering, Maria Cedar Shoals High School
Pickering, Sam Whit Davis Elementary
Pickering, Tom Coile Middle School
Reitz, Betsy University of Georgia
Richardson, Thelma University of Georgia
Rowe, Michael University of Georgia
Sand, Janice University of Georgia
Schneider, Marge Cedar Shoals High School
Seymour, Amy Chase Street Elementary
Sinkin, Sam University of Georgia
Skillen, Elizabeth University of Georgia
Smith, Renee Clarke Central High School
Taylor, Jone Sandy Creek Park, County Dept. of Leisure Services Natural Resources Division
Walser, Mary-Lue State Science Fair, Georgia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Wyatt, Robert University of Georgia
Young, Carol Cedar Shoals High School

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