Cedar Shoals High School

Cedar Shoals High School
Athens-Clarke County, Georgia

Tejal, Julia, Nathan, and Tom
Athens, Georgia

Cedar Shoals High School

Updated: 6 October, 2006

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Site Description

The high school consisted of a construction site, grassy habitat, forest habitat, and parking lot. In addition to the main building, classroom trailers are lined along the student parking lot. The football field lies adjacent to the trailers whereas the baseball field is behind the football field and the tennis courts are to the right of the football field. On the left side of the building there are two courtyards. The surrounding area of the high school consists of several apartment complexes as well as established residential areas. The site is found in a suburban area of Athens. Since the high school is in an established area, the chances of finding wildlife are slim.

The Plat

The Quad Map
Identification Tables

Tree Identification Table
Trees/Vines Native/Exotic Planted/Natural Forest Habitat Grassy Habitat
Quercus rubra N N yes
Quercus alba N N yes
Quercus nigra N N yes
Quercus velutina N N yes
Cornus florida N P
Albizia julibrissin
N yes
Pinus echinata N N yes
Pinus taeda N N yes yes
Liquidambar styraciflua N N yes
Vitis rotundifolia N N yes
Lirodendron tulipifera N N yes
Acer rubrum N N yes
Parthenocissus quinquefolia N N yes
Magnolia grandiflora N P/N yes yes
Rhus radicans N N yes
Fagus grandifolia N N yes
Smilax N N yes
Ligustrum sinense E N yes
Plantanus occidentalis N P
Ilex opaca N P/N
Carya glabra N N yes
Carpinus caroliniana N P
Acer japonica E P
Lonicera japonica E N yes
Sassafras albidum N N yes

Herbs Identification Table
Herbs Native/Exotic Planted/Natural Forest Habitat Grassy Habitat
Anthemis cotula N N yes yes
Geranium carolinianum N N yes
Oxalis dillenii N N
Linaria canadensis N N
Vicia dasycarpa N N yes
Fragaria virginiana N N yes
Trifolium repens N N
Plantago lanceolata N N yes yes
Erigeron strigosus N N
Rumex hastatulus N N
Trifolium incarnatum N N yes yes
Elephantopus elatus N N yes yes
Specularia perfoliata N N
Davcus carota N N yes yes
Trifolium pratense N N yes yes
Hypochoeris radicata N N

Photographs of Herbs

Anthemis cotula
(Dog fennel)

Geranium carolinianum
(Wild geranium)

Oxalis dilenii
(Wood sorrel)

Linaria canadensis

Vicia dasycarpa
(Smooth vetch)

Fragaria virginiana
(Wild strawberry)

Trifolium repens
(White clover)

Plantago lanceolata
(English plantain)

Rumex hastatulus
(Engleman's sorrel)

Trifolium incarnatum
(Crimson clover)

Erigeron strigosus

Elephantopus elatus
(Elephant's foot)

Specularia perfoliata
(Venus' looking-glass)

Daucus carota
(Queen Annes lace or wild carrot)

Trifolium pratense
(Red clover)

Hypochoeris radicata

Ant Collection: An Ecological Experiment

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