How to Import a List into a Guide
by Daisie Ogawa

The following are directions on how to import a list into a guide.

Step 1

Make sure your list is in a text file, where the fields are separated with dollars.

Step 2

cd home/web/dl/nh/id/20q

Changes directories into the one where the xml files for the guides are located.

Step 3

bak Y.xml

Y is the name of whichever guide you want to import the list into. This makes a back-up copy of the xml file for the guide.

Step 4

On your web browser, go to the guide that you are importing the list into.

Step 5

Click "Menu" and then list any letter.

Step 6

Select the "import" tool and click "submit."

Step 7

Type in the path for the location of the txt file you want to import.

Step 8

Go back to the shell tool. A new xml file called Y.xml3 was created upon importing the list, so rename it back to Y.xml by typing:

mv Y.xml3 Y.xml

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