Lesson Plan 14: Making A Book of the Life Cycle of the Catalpa Sphinx Moth

by Brenda Hunt
8th grade biology teacher
Habersham County

Students will make books illustrating the life cycle of a moth. Making the book will allow students to see the continuity and learn the stages in the complete metamorphosis. This will prepare them for the changes they will encounter in their caterpillars.

paper, pencils, crayons, glue, rice or popcorn kernels for eggs, twisty or long egg noodles for caterpillars, shell macoroni for cocoons and bow tie macaroni for moths, scissors.

Step One:
Decide if your students will sketch the egg, larva, pupa and moth themselves or simply color predrawn pictures. Acitivities in the the book, "Creepy Crawlies" published by Teacher Created Materials, Inc., ISBN-1-55734-603-8 are wonderful and show how to make books as well as how to use different types of macaroni to represent the stages in their books.

Step Two:
Ask students to write captions or titles on each page. Students could take turns telling each other the story of the life cycle using their books.

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