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Nikon D50

note: The settings suggested here-in are the settings we have found to be optimal for mothing through our multiple years of experience. For beginners, we recommend adhering strictly to these settings, as we have found them to reliably produce very high quality photographs, both in terms of color accuracy and detail, across a wide-range of conditions. These settings are equally appropriate for other macro photography scenarios that require high-qualtiy images. More experienced users may wish to modify these suggested settings slightly to accomidate their particular needs.

Mode Recommendations

set your camera to the "M" manual setting on the setting dial. This allows the user to specify the exact settings they desire, in contrast to the other modes which all allow the camera to change the settings based on the lighting conditions it detects. The algorithms used to dynamically adjust the settings in these modes are not optimized for high-detail macro photography. This includes, but is not limited to, the camera's built in macro setting (indicated by a flower on the setting dial). Don't use the built in macro setting for obtaining scientific data!!

For capturing images of cell phones, GPS devices, and location, we recommend using the camera's built in auto mode, represented by the word "AUTO" above a simplified icon of a camera, all in green. Remember to switch the camera back to Manual after you obtain photographs of these data

Settings available on the Camera Body

note: ensure that you have the camera set to manual mode before adjusting these settings

Settings adjusted through the on-camera display

To enter the full set of menu options, simply press the menu button located on the left side of the back of the camera

  1. Camera Tab
    • Optimize Image : Normal
    • Long Exp. NR : OFF
    • Image Quality : FINE
    • Image Size : L/Large
    • White Balance : Flash
    • ISO : 400
  2. Pencil Tab
    • [SKIP] Menu Reset : -- [SKIP]
    • Beep : ON
    • Autofocus : AF-S
    • AF-Area Mode : Single Area
    • No SD Card? : LOCK
    • Image Review : ON
    • Flash Level : 0.0 [NOTE: adjust this setting up or down based on the brightness of your photographs, older cameras may need to increase this setting to compensate for the aging flash bulb]
    • AF Assist : ON
    • AF Area |||m : AUTO
    • ISO Control : OFF
    • ISO Auto : OFF
    • EV Setup : 1/3 step
    • BKT Set : OFF
    • Metering : Centerweight
    • AE-L/AF-L : AE/AF Lock
    • AE Lock : OFF
    • Flash Mode : TTL
    • Monitor Off : 20s [set to personal preference]
    • Meter-Off : 8s [set to personal preference]
    • Self-Timer : 10s [set to personal preference]
    • Remote : 1minute [set to personal preference]
  3. Wrench Tab
    • CSM/SetUp Menu : Detailed
    • Date : [SET TO CURRENT DATE TIME -- very important!!]
    • LCD Brightness : -2
    • Video Mode : NTSC
    • Language(LANG) : EN
    • Image Comment : OFF
    • USB : Mass Storage
    • Folders: NCD50
    • File No. Seq. : ON
    • Mirror Lock-up : --
    • Firmware Ver. : --
    • Image Rotation : OFF

Updated: 23 June, 2015
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