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Sony DSC-HX1

Set camera to "M" manual rather than the green "easy" setting

  • Image size 9M
  • White Balance auto
  • Metering mode center - the middle choice
  • EV Bracket +- 03
  • Smile normal
  • Flash Level OEV
    • For moths slightly + use +1 or +2 so that you can get a dark moth on a light background
    • If a white moth on a dark background you might want to use a slightly negative setting
  • Red eye auto
  • DRO Std
  • Color mode R for real color
  • Color filter off
  • Contrast Std
  • Sharpness Std
  • Steady shot left one "shooting"

Then go to the image of the toolbox and press the center button to enter toolbox

  • Auto ill auto
  • Digital zoom smart
  • Coversion lens off
  • Flash synch front
  • Auto orientation off
  • Auto review on
  • Expand focus on
  • Beep off
  • English
  • Function guide on
  • Demo mode off
  • HDMI resolution auto
  • Ctrl for HDMI on
  • Component HD (1080i)
  • Video out NTSC
  • Wide zoom display off
  • USB connect auto
  • only format when you are SURE you have copied your photos to a computer. Do not delete them from the computer folder until you see them up on Discover Life.

Date and time setting - set properly; pay attention to am/pm

Click "focus" button on top to get into focus mode

  • Use middle one flexible spot auto focus

After doing all these settings, find the black wheel that is at your right thumb; it's unmarked. Press it in to get into camera settings.

Each time you press it, the display lights up a different thing. You can adjust the one that is highlighted in yellow by rotating the wheel left and right and then pressing in to enter the proper setting when done. Settings should be:

  • ISO 200
  • speed 500
  • f8.0

Updated: 5 July, 2011
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