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Mothing · Results

Table 3. Sorting categories -- 10.3 -84.8
Updated: 2018-04-23 07:47:23 gmt

sorting categorycount
moth 2 geometridae moths1
moth Acharia1
moth Acrtiidae2
moth Alucita4
moth Anomis85
moth Apatelodes4
moth Arctiidae3,636
moth Atyria2
moth Automeris1
moth Blastobasidae54
moth Blastobasidae Blastobasis28
moth Bombycidae12
moth Butterflies12
moth Clemensia8
moth Corydalidae3
moth CramPy3,409
moth Crambidae7,669
moth Crambidae Scoparia11
moth Crambidae arrow90
moth Crambidae delta3
moth Crambidae spread9
moth Crambidia1
moth Crinodes1
moth Darceta18
moth Depressariidae23
moth Depressariidae Ethmia15
moth Desmia11
moth Eois114
moth Ethmia1
moth Eucereon154
moth Euglyphis7
moth Eulepidotis118
moth Eutalia1
moth Gelechiidae Dichomeris59
moth Geo1,406
moth Geo Eois1
moth Geometridae18,624
moth Geometridae gray298
moth Geometridae green8
moth Geometridae stripe8
moth Geometridae white3
moth Geomtridae2
moth Gn. sp. SL1
moth Goemetridae1
moth Gonodonta1
moth Hemiceras821
moth Hemiptera1
moth Herbita104
moth Hermiceras2
moth Herminodes1
moth Hydata113
moth Hypena183
moth Iridopsis1
moth Lascoria214
moth Lasiocampidae101
moth Lasiocompidae2
moth Letis40
moth Limacodidae41
moth Lophocampa2
moth Lymantriidae47
moth Macaria99
moth Macrodes34
moth Mantis1
moth Marimatha2
moth Megalopygidae32
moth Megalopygidae - Limacodidae1,407
moth Megalopygidae-Limacodidae6
moth Meganola3
moth Melese56
moth Micro40
moth Mocis140
moth Noctuidae12,007
moth Noctuidae Hypena1
moth Noctuidae dart1
moth Noctuidae delta1,015
moth Noctuidae spread1
moth Notodontida1
moth Notodontidae6,368
moth Notodontidae Dispragia3
moth Notontidae1
moth Oecophoridae215
moth Oecophoridae Ethmia25
moth Orgyia2
moth Othorene1
moth Oxydia258
moth Palthis289
moth Phyllodonta2
moth Physocleora4
moth Plume264
moth Plusiodonta9
moth Pterophoridae7
moth Pyalidae1
moth Pyraidae1
moth Pyraldiae2
moth Pyralidae1,606
moth Pyralidae Acrobasis68
moth Pyralidae unique2
moth Pyralidaev1
moth Renia39
moth Satuniidae5
moth Saturniidae1,336
moth Saturniidae Automeris2
moth Saturniidae Lonomia1
moth Scoparia2
moth Sphingidae917
moth Sphingidae Manduca2
moth Sphingidaemo3
moth Spingidae4
moth Spodoptera1
moth Tetanolita1
moth Thysanopyga78
moth Tineidae Nemapogon7
moth Tornos1
moth Tortricidae5,514
moth Tosale17
moth Tripudia39
moth Unique332
moth Unknown168
moth Uraniidae1
moth Urodidae23
moth Xylophanes19
moth Zale23
moth arctiidae14
moth beetle1
moth butterfly16
moth collection1
moth crambidae283
moth dart406
moth delta672
moth desmia7
moth eggs2
moth emerald705
moth marvel2
moth maybe1
moth maybe meganola pendata1
moth merald1
moth micro9,950
moth misc244
moth misc macro386
moth misc macros2
moth misc micro4,793
moth misc micros37
moth new41
moth new Arctiidae9
moth new Eucereon2
moth new Geo2
moth new Hypoptinae2
moth new Noctuidae10
moth new Noctuidae Pyrrhia1
moth new Notodontidae2
moth new Phalaenophana2
moth new delta2
moth new geo2
moth new micro124
moth new pyralid more fringe than Arta1
moth new species1,429
moth new species not thysanopyga4
moth new species stenoma1
moth new species thysanopyga1
moth new species, maybe2
moth new species, moth Estigmene4
moth new_00014
moth noctuidae160
moth notodontidae3
moth oxydia148
moth party64
moth plume1,160
moth pyralidae19
moth species group247
moth stripe281
moth tarantula3
moth temp1
moth todo141
moth tortricidae127
moth unique174
moth unknown446
moth various moths family noctuidae, arctiidae, and geometridae1
mothe Geometridae1
mother wolf spider with her young on her back2

Updated: 2018-04-23 07:47:23 gmt
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