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Mothing · Results

Table 3. Sorting categories -- 33.9 -83.3
Updated: 2015-01-25 14:19:28 gmt

sorting categorycount
moth Acleris3
moth Acrolophidae484
moth Agonopterix1
moth Argyrotaenia2
moth Blastobasidae245
moth Choristoneura5
moth Coleophoridae51
moth Coleotechnites1
moth Coptotriche1
moth Cosmopterigidae Perimede16
moth Cossidae2
moth Crambidae25
moth Crambidae Crocidophora23
moth Crambidae Fissicrambus8
moth Crambidae Glaphyria1
moth Crambidae Hahncappsia25
moth Crambidae Palpita61
moth Crambidae Pyrausta4
moth Crambidae Scoparia21
moth Datana364
moth Gelechiidae232
moth Gelechiidae Anacampsis1
moth Gelechiidae Battaristis18
moth Gelechiidae Chionodes11
moth Gelechiidae Coleotechnites11
moth Gelechiidae Dichomeris1
moth Gelechiidae Monochroa2
moth Gelechiidae Sinoe2
moth Gelechiidae Teleiopsis1
moth Glyphidoceridae3
moth Gracillariidae Caloptilia2
moth Hypena1
moth Lacturidae1
moth Nemapogon2
moth Nepticulidae55
moth Oecophoridae4
moth Pococera2
moth Pyraildae2
moth Pyraildae Acrobasis10
moth Pyralidae558
moth Pyralidae Acrobasis37
moth Pyralidae Myelopsis2
moth Pyralidae Pococera84
moth Pyralidae Salebriaria1
moth Pyralidae Tallula1
moth Symmocidae Glyphidocera5
moth Tineidae53
moth Tineidae Homosetia42
moth Tineidae Monopis1
moth Tineidae Nemapogon6
moth Tineidae Tinea12
moth Tineidae Xylesthia14
moth Tortricidae404
moth Tortricidae Acleris9
moth Tortricidae Aethes9
moth Tortricidae Corticivora35
moth Tortricidae Epinotia14
moth Tortricidae Gretchena97
moth Tortricidae Olethreutes35
moth Tortricidae Pandemis4
moth Tortricidae Phaneta4
moth Tortricidae Platynota96
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera437
moth Tortricidae Psudexentera2
moth Tortricidae Rhyacionia9
moth Tortricidae Zeiraphera1
moth Xylesthia2
moth Yponomeutidae2
moth cameron3
moth cameron Heterocampa1
moth dead4
moth difficult33
moth hopeless3
moth micro715
moth micro Acrolophus2
moth micro Ancylis1
moth micro Argyrotaenia7
moth micro Aristotelia4
moth micro Blastobasidae9
moth micro Coleophora3
moth micro Dichomeris1
moth micro Gelechiidae2
moth micro Homosassa1
moth micro Olethreutes3
moth micro Peoria1
moth micro Psilocorsis1
moth micro Pyralidae8
moth micro Rhyacionia2
moth micro Taygete3
moth micro Tineidae1
moth micro Tortricidae Gretchena2
moth micro Xylesthia1
moth micro ancylis comptana1
moth micro crambidia_not_with_sheen3
moth micro dead2
moth micro new30
moth micro new Acleris7
moth micro plume1
moth miserable Noctuidae5
moth new6
moth new near Martyringa4
moth other3
moth party4
moth plume350
moth pyraustinae new species4
moth underside18
moth undescribed Tineidae 0434.962
moth, with mites on antennae1

Updated: 2015-01-25 14:19:28 gmt
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