Fig. 1. Moth species photographed in 2010-2015 at latitude: 33.9°N, longitude: 83.3°W.
Black -- Number of identified moth species photographed each night.
Gray -- Accumulated number of species at this site is 1,159 based on 128,128 identifications,
including 579 specimens identified to 24 morphospecies and 5,374 identified to 42 species groups.
We have identified 94.5% of the site's moth images; 7,465 images are still unidentified.
White bands -- Data either not taken or yet to be processed.
Warning: This graph is updated nightly. It reflects only identified moths
and not the unidentified ones listed in Table 1.
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200 J 1000 J M J A J A A D A J J F J M S J M M N A A A 600 F D S F N M M S A S F O D 0 J A O M J S M S F D A A J J 400 J A M F J J J N M J O M D J O N 1159 800 M N O