Fig. 1. Moth species photographed in 2010-2014 at latitude: 33.9°N, longitude: 83.3°W.
Black -- Number of identified moth species photographed each night.
Gray -- Accumulated number of species at this site.
White bands -- Data either not taken or yet to be processed.
Warning: This graph is updated nightly. It reflects only identified moths
and not the unidentified ones listed in Table 1.
Click on a date to see associated data. Or click on one date and release
on a second date to see data associated with a range of dates.

A D N 800 M D J J F M M J M N J 400 J M A S N O A J 1000 D J S A O F F M D A O S A 200 S 600 A J M J O 0 N J J 1132 F J M J M A M A J F