Map of Pterophylla camellifolia.
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To zoom in, click on the image or on a 'Zoom level'. Target: 39.6°N 75.8°W -- Click to zoom in. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.38112°N 76.643698°W -- Click to see record CCMD359. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.37115°N 76.58585°W -- Click to see record CCMD510. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.37867°N 76.64461°W -- Click to see record CCMD366. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.145571°N 76.832393°W -- Click to see record CCMD239. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.694357°N 76.601926°W -- Click to see record CCMD17. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.005653°N 76.877246°W -- Click to see record CCMD159. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.357759°N 76.5305°W -- Click to see record CCMD138. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.047517°N 76.856373°W -- Click to see record CCMD39. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.132055°N 76.826936°W -- Click to see record CCMD222. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.017106°N 76.544361°W -- Click to see record CCMD12. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.37921°N 76.643911°W -- Click to see record CCMD363. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.329331°N 76.636217°W -- Click to see record CCMD93. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.693738°N 76.605665°W -- Click to see record CCMD15. Pterophylla camellifolia 39.36032°N 76.532656°W -- Click to see record CCMD152. Click to go West. Click to go East. Click to go North. Click to go South.
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Map center: NAD83 Lat-long 39.6°N 75.8°W  UTM 18 431315E 4383668N  Resolution 0.002 degrees/pixel
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Pterophylla camellifolia @ Cricket Crawl, Maryland (16)