Map of Pterophylla camellifolia.
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To zoom in, click on the image or on a 'Zoom level'. Target: 37.1325°N 75.265°W -- Click to zoom in. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.952361°N 77.036645°W -- Click to see record CCMD105. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.86069°N 77.12226°W -- Click to see record CCMD385. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.919263°N 77.12118°W -- Click to see record CCMD164. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.999342°N 77.010537°W -- Click to see record CCMD30. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.868352°N 77.107487°W -- Click to see record CCMD88. Pterophylla camellifolia 37.41591°N 78.43716°W -- Click to see record CCMD48. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.923406°N 77.008737°W -- Click to see record CCMD38. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.991380°N 77.036451°W -- Click to see record CCMD128. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.961550°N 77.052690°W -- Click to see record CCMD15. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.97282°N 76.93386°W -- Click to see record CCMD298. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.850570°N 77.102049°W -- Click to see record CCMD43. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.948008°N 77.008790°W -- Click to see record CCMD34. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.869520°N 77.112179°W -- Click to see record CCMD78. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.97878°N 76.93246°W -- Click to see record CCMD234. Pterophylla camellifolia 38.959953°N 77.051673°W -- Click to see record CCMD14. Click to go West. Click to go East. Click to go North. Click to go South.
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Map center: NAD83 Lat-long 37.1325°N 75.265°W  UTM 18 476462E 4109604N  Resolution 0.0083 degrees/pixel
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Pterophylla camellifolia @ Cricket Crawl, Maryland (15)