Female, thorax, propodeum, top center

Longitudinally striate throughout or all rugulae similar, no distinct triangular area created by different patterns of rugulae

© Photographer/source
Agapostemon sericeus, female, proplongstrianotri

With small triangle set within the larger propodeal triangle that is defined by a distinctly different pattern of rugulae than the coarse ones surrounding it, these markings often going in different directions sometimes forming a ridge at the interface - This small triangle sometimes subtle, other times obvious

© Photographer/source
Agapostemon virescens, female

A. splendens usually has a well defined small triangle, however, in some specimens it is less clear with the more widely spaced lines invading from the sides leaving the small triangle not as well defined. As a secondary feature most A. splendens have strong blue overtones scattered throughout the upperside of the abdomen, while the others tend to be entirely green, without overtones.