Kinds of Bee genera

Draft Bee Genera of Eastern North America

Sam Droege

Based on material extracted from:

Michener, C.D., R.J. McGinley, and B.N. Danforth. 1994. The Bee Genera of North and Central America as well additional characters and scorings from Terry Griswold.

The authors of the Bee Genera book kindly permitted the reproduction of their illustrations in this guide. Natalie Allen, Travis Conrad,Stephanie Kolski, and Amy Lohr did a tremendous amount of work while entering information, scanning, testing, and taking pictures for this volume

Many thanks go to John Pickering and his shop for supporting the effort to update the guides to the identification of bees and other groups of plants and animals

Thanks to all who contributed suggestions and pictures

If you have questions, comments, or especially corrections please contact Sam at or call at 301-497-5840

Scientific name -- Other names
Ancylandrena Cockerell
Andrena Fabricius
Anthemurgus passiflorae Robertson, 1902
Calliopsis Smith
Macrotera Smith
Megandrena Cockerell
Mesoxaea Hurd and Linsley, 1976
Oxaea Klug
Panurginus Nylander
Panurgus Panzer, 1806
Perdita Smith
Protandrena Cockerell
Protoxaea Cockerell and Porter
Pseudopanurgus Cockerell
Agapanthinus callophila (Cockerell, 1923)
Ancyloscelis Latreille
Anthophora Latreille
Anthophorula Cockerell
Apis mellifera Linnaeus, 1758
Bombus Latreille
Brachymelecta Linsley
Cemolobus ipomoeae (Robertson, 1891)
Centris Fabricius
Cephalotrigona Schwarz
Ceratina Latreille
Coelioxoides Cresson
Ctenioschelus Romand
Deltoptila LaBerge & Michener
Diadasia Patton
Epeoloides (Cresson, 1878)
Epeolus Latreille
Epicharis Klug
Ericrocis (Cresson, 1878)
Eucera Scopoli
Eufriesea Cockerell
Euglossa Friese 1899
Eulaema Lepeletier
   Exaerete Hoffmannsegg, 1817
Exomalopsis Spinola
Florilegus (Cresson, 1878)
Frieseomelitta Ihering
Gaesischia Michener, LaBerge, and Moure
Geotrigona Moure
Habropoda (Fabricius, 1804)
Hexepeolus rhodogyne Linsley and Michener
Holcopasites Ashmead
Leiopodus Smith
Lestrimelitta Friese
Martinapis Cockerell
Melipona Illiger
Melissodes Latreille
Melissoptila Holmberg
Melitoma (Say 1837)
Mesocheira Lepeletier & Serville
Mesoplia Lepeletier
Monoeca Lepeletier & Serville
Nannotrigona Cockerell
Neolarra (Crawford, 1916)
Neopasites Ashmead
Nomada Scopoli
Odyneropsis Schrottky
Oreopasites Cockerell
Osiris Smith
Oxytrigona Cockerell
Paranomada Linsley and Michener
Paratetrapedia Moure
Paratrigona Schwarz
Partamona Schwarz
Peponapis (Say, 1837)
Plebeia Schwarz
Ptilothrix (Cresson, 1878)
Rhopalolemma Roig-Alsina
Scaptotrigona Moure
Scaura Schwarz
Simanthedon linsleyi Zavortink, 1975
Svastra Holmberg
Syntrichalonia LaBerge
Tetragona Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville
Tetragonisca Moure
Tetraloniella Ashmead
Tetrapedia Klug
Thygater Holmberg
Townsendiella Crawford
Triepeolus Robertson
Trigona Jurine
Trigonisca Moure
Triopasites Linsley
Xenoglossa Smith
Xeromelecta Linsley
Xylocopa Latreille
Zacosmia maculata (Cresson, 1879)
Caupolicana Spinola
Chilicola Spinola
Colletes Latreille
Crawfordapis Moure
Eulonchopria Brethes
Hylaeus Fabricius
Mydrosoma Smith
Ptiloglossa Smith
Zikanapis Moure
Agapostemon Guerin-Meneville
Augochlora (Say, 1837)
Augochlorella Sandhouse
Augochloropsis Cockerell
Caenaugochlora Michener
Caenohalictus Cameron
Conanthalictus Cockerell
Dieunomia Cockerell
Dinagapostemon Moure & Hurd
Dufourea Lepeletier
Habralictus Moure
Halictus Latreille
Lasioglossum Curtis
Megalopta Smith
Megommation Moure
Mexalictus Eickwort
Micralictoides Timberlake
Microsphecodes Eickwort & Stage
Neocorynura Schrottky
Nesosphecodes Engel
Nomia Latreille
Paragapostemon Vachal
Pereirapis Moure
Protodufourea Timberlake
Pseudaugochlora Michener, 1954
Ptilocleptis Michener
Sphecodes Latreille
Sphecodosoma Crawford
Temnosoma Smith
Xeralictus Cockerell
Anthidiellum Cockerell
Anthidium Fabricius
Anthodioctes Holmberg
Ashmeadiella Cockerell
Atoposmia Cockerell
Aztecanthidium Michener & Ordway
Chelostoma Latreille
Coelioxys Latreille
Dianthidium Cockerell
Dioxys Lepeletier and Serville
Epanthidium Moure
Heriades Spinola
Hoplitis Klug
Hoplostelis Dominique
Hypanthidioides Moure
Hypanthidium Cockerell
Lithurgus Berthold
Megachile Latreille
Osmia Panzer
Paranthidium (Say, 1824)
Protosmia rubifloris (Cockerell)
Pseudoanthidium Friese
Stelis Panzer
Trachusa Panzer
Xeroheriades micheneri Griswold
Hesperapis Cockerell
Macropis Panzer
Melitta Kirby

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