Kinds of Colletes female

Based on information primarily provided by:

John Ascher
Division of Invertebrate Zoology
American Museum of Natural History

Terry Griswold
USDA Bee Laboratory, Logan, Utah

Scientific name -- Other names
   Colletes aberrans
   Colletes aestivalis
   Colletes albescens
   Colletes americanus
   Colletes andrewsi
   Colletes banksi
   Colletes bradleyi
   Colletes brevicornis
   Colletes brimleyi
   Colletes ciliatus
   Colletes compactus
   Colletes consors
   Colletes distinctus
   Colletes eulophi
   Colletes howardi
   Colletes hyalinus
   Colletes impunctatus
   Colletes inaequalis
   Colletes kincaidii
   Colletes latitarsis
   Colletes longifacies
   Colletes mandibularis
   Colletes nudus
   Colletes phaceliae Cockerell, 1906
   Colletes productus
   Colletes robertsonii
   Colletes simulans
   Colletes solidaginis
   Colletes speculiferus
   Colletes susannae
   Colletes thoracicus
   Colletes thysanellae
   Colletes titusensis
   Colletes ultravalidus Hall and Ascher, 2016
   Colletes validus
   Colletes willistoni
   Colletes wilmattae

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