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1. Abdomen color

4Black uniformly    1Black, yellow marks    7Brown uniformly    1Brown, black stripes    3Red uniformly    3Yellow, black stripes   

2. Abdomen pattern

2Median black stripe    2Median yellow stripe    15Stripes absent   

3. Antenna color

17Black    1Brown    1Pale   

4. Antenna length vs head width

4Equal    1Less    14Longer   

5. Ectoproct shape

15Forcipate    2Internal lobe present    1Pitchfork shape    1V_shape   

6. Ectoptoct vs abdomen segment 10 length

1Equal    12Longer    6Shorter   

7. Eye size

1Bulbous    14Half sphere    5Reduced   

8. Labial palp length vs head width

2Longer    17shorter   

9. Labial palp sense organ

4Elongate    14Round    1Slit to tip   

10. Leg color

10Black    1Brown    5Feet only black    2Feet only brown    1Pale   

11. Male ectoproct color

9Black    6Brown    4Yellow   

12. Male gonarcus

4Bulla absent    15Bulla present   

13. Male parameres

16Large    3Miniscule   

14. Range

5Afrotropical    Oriental    1Palaearctic    8South Africa    12Southern Africa    Other   

15. Thorax top pattern

1All black    5Black and yellow    2Median stripe absent    9Median stripe present    2Pattern uniform   

16. Wing color

3Yellow    16Other   

17. Wing rear margin shape

16Smooth    3Wavy   

18. Wing tip shape

4Pointed    15Round