Antennal club segments | Antennal scape length | Antennal scape pilosity | Antennal segment number | Antennal sockets | Eye location in frontal view | Eye shape and size | Mesosomal spine or tooth | Petiole, number of separate nodes | Range | Subfamily

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1. Antennal club segments

43 large   

2. Antennal scape length

3. Antennal scape pilosity

4. Antennal segment number

5. Antennal sockets

6. Eye location in frontal view

7. Eye shape and size

8. Mesosomal spine or tooth

1No spines, tooth, or denticle   

9. Petiole, number of separate nodes

181 separate node    372 separate nodes   

10. Subfamily

6Dolichoderinae    5Ectatomminae    23Formicinae    70Myrmicinae    20Ponerinae    3Proceratiinae    5Pseudomyrmecinae   

11. Range