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1. Body hard shell coverage

132No    435Partial    145Yes   

2. Body genital pore

356Absent    356Present   

3. Leg number

1786    5348   

4. Host

55Amphibian    132Bird    200Human    4Insect    460Mammal    160Reptile   

5. Range common ticks of the USA

8Northeast    16Southeast    8West   

6. Disease type of common human disease transmitted

8Babesiosis    4Colorado tick fever    16Ehrlichiosis    12Lyme disease    608None    80Relapsing fever    8Rocky mountain spotted fever    16Tick paralysis    12Tularemia   

7. Range status

24Exotic - alien invasive    388Exotic - quarantine concern    324Native   

8. Body surface texture

8Leathery and granulated    36Leathery with many folds and disks    80Leathery with many minute elevations    8Leathery, semi-transparent, appears smooth and shiny    576Not Leathery, fine wrinkles or plates