Body, total length | Elytra, apex | Elytra, coloration | Elytra, fuzziness | Overall Body Shape | Pronotum, Basal Impression, Absent or Present | Supraorbital setae

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1. Overall Body Shape

59Neither pedunculate nor oval head, pronotum, elytra discrete in outline common form    1Oval, with head, pronotum, and elytra part of single oval outline    3Pedunculate, that is, with a marked constriction between pronotum and elytra   

2. Body, total length

371 cm to 1.5 cm    151.5 to 2 cm    15.5 cm or less    30.5 cm to 1 cm   

3. Elytra, apex

59Complete, pointed, covering all or almost all of abdomen    6Truncate, leaving end of abdomen explosed   

4. Elytra, coloration

15Metallic/iridescent    56Non-metallic, although may be shiny   

5. Elytra, fuzziness

47Bare except possibly for one or a few long hairs    20Noticeably fuzzy   

6. Pronotum, Basal Impression, Absent or Present

14Absent    58Present   

7. Supraorbital setae

31One pair    33Two pair