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Number scored for a state is in green.

1. Fruiting body globose wall cells

14Absent    1Present   

2. Fruiting body, setae

4Not setose    12Setose   

3. Setae length

6Long over 90 m    4Medium 4690 m    2Short less than 45 m   

4. Setae septation

1Not septate    11Septate   

5. Setae apex shape

4Acute    3Capitate    7Round   

6. Setae capitate color

2Hyaline    1Yellowish   

7. Setae is anamorphic state

10No    3Yes   

8. Ascospore shape

2Cylindrical fusiform    3Ellipsoid    6Fusiform    5Short fusiform   

9. Ascospore color

2Brown with hyaline tips    10Hyaline    3Hyaline to very pale brown   

10. Ascospore length

1Long over 40 m    6Medium 2640 m    7Short 1225 m    1Very short less than 12 m   

11. Ascospore number of setae

40    71    42    83    54    75    56    67    18    19    110    111    112   

12. Ascospore constriction at septa

1Constricted at each septum    13Not constricted at any septum    1Slightly constricted at each septum