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1. Sex, number of antennal segments

2Female,12    2Male, 13   

2. Continent where bee was collected

2Europe and adjacent countries    2North America   

3. Abdomen, color of integument

1Terga 1-3 red or with only small amounts of dark integument basally and laterally, with small white hair patches on the far lateral sides, terga 4-6 completely black, T5 with dense white hairs apically    1Terga 1-6 mainly reddish orange with restricted dark integument, pale hairs, forming vague hair bands apically - T1 black at the base    2Terga completely dark, with narrow yellowish-hyaline rim apically   

4. Legs, color of integument

2Legs dark, with apical tarsal segments lightening to a brownish color    1Legs partially red, black from coxa to femur and red from tip of femur to apical tarsal segments    1Legs partially reddish-orange, black from coxa to femur and reddish-orange from tibia to apical tarsal segments   

5. Host

2Macropis ciliata    2Macropis europaea    2Macropis fulvipes    2Macropis nuda    2Macropis patellata    2Macropis steironematis