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1. State or province where bee was collected    [Explain]

13AL    16CT    17DC    17DE    16FL    14GA    14IL    14IN    13KY    17MA    17MD    13ME    16MI    11MS    16NC    12NH    19NJ    18NY    8New Brunswick    2Newfoundland and Labrador    9Nova Scotia    14OH    16Ontario    16PA    2Prince Edward Island    10Quebec    16RI    15SC    3SD    14TN    17VA    12VT    15WI    15WV   

2. Head, clypeus, color

20All DARK    2Almost all YELLOW to ORANGE in color    2Apical half LIGHTENED to an orangish yellow, basal half dark    1With CREAMY markings or inflections across rim, otherwise dark    8With YELLOW spot in middle of apical third, otherwise dark   

3. Thorax, pronotal collar, color

11Entirely black    19Yellow or ivory marks present, may be extensive or small   

4. Abdomen, T1, color

18All black or black-brown    6All black or black-brown or with only a restricted area of amber near the base   

5. Head, facial fovea, length    [Explain]

181. SHORT, only extending to FRONT edges of lateral ocelli, or very nearly so    152. MEDIUM, extending to MIDDLE of lateral ocelli, or very nearly so    23. LONG, extending to BACK edges of lateral ocelli, or very nearly so   

6. Thorax, propodeum, appearance of propodeal triangle    [Explain]

3PEBBLED THROUGHOUT, or mostly so    11WRINKLED THROUGHOUT as the skin of a raisin    16WRINKLED only on the broad basal portion of the triangle, triangle apex is PEBBLED   

7. Subgenus

1Cephalylaeus    2Hylaeana    7Hylaeus    1Metziella    2Paraprosopis    9Prosopis    2Spatulariella