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1. Leaf venation

104Pinnate    7Tripliveined, main laterals arising above base of lamina    5Triveined, main laterals arising at base of lamina   

2. Leaf position

77Alternate    26Clustered    22Opposite or nearly so    9Verticillate   

3. Leaf indument type

18Appressed    44Erect    68Glabrous   

4. Twig indument density

43Covered with indument    54Glabrous    31Partially visible   

5. Twig: bract and leaf scar arrangement

49Clustered    67Scattered   

6. Inflorescence type

21-flowered umbel with involucre    42Paniculate but not strictly cymose    24Paniculate cymose, lateral flowers of a cyme strictly opposite    3Racemose    43Umbels or pseudo-umbels with an involucre