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1. Leaf arrangement on stem    [Explain]

722 rows    2553 or more rows    33 rows single side    3No leaves    9Rose-like    10Stemless leaves   

2. Stem plus leaf length

671 cm    1772 to 4 cm    685 to 7 cm    448 to 10 cm    53over 10 cm    17under 0.5 cm   

3. Leaf tip    [Explain]

104Dull point    94Pointed    18Rough Awn    62Rounded tip    2Slender forked point    58Slender point    36Smooth awn    6Teeth on Awn    5Tooth tip   

4. Leaf shape    [Explain]

171Broad    174Narrow   

5. Leaf margin    [Explain]

2Enlarged border    33Lobed    3Paired teeth    65Rolled in    27Rolled under    39Serrate    62Serrate upper    183Smooth    8Wavy    4Winged or split   

6. Form    [Explain]

19Carpet    144Cushion/Tuft    188Mat    8Single stem   

7. Habitat    [Explain]

5Aquatic    44Bark    33Decaying Plants    27Gravel or Sand    24Limestone/concrete    1Manured surface    150Rock    182Soil    41Tree bases    12Tree roots    41Wood   

8. Leaf Shades of Green    [Explain]

112Dark    232Light    104Redish-Brownish