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1. Range

2Belize    1Brazil    2Caribbean    2Colombia    7943Costa Rica    3Ecuador    1El Salvador    7Guatamala    4Honduras    7Mexico    4Nicaragua    North America    North America EAST    North America WEST    803Panama    4Peru    1Poyais    The Guianas    4Venezuela   

2. Range in Costa Rica

611Caribbean Talamancas    1822Central Pacific    928Central Range    1798Chirripo/Pacific Talamancas    20Cocos    637Guanacaste    132Huetar Norte    674Monteverde/Arenal    494Osa    473Tempisque    307Tortuguero    79Unscored   

3. Range in Panama

539Barro Colorado Island    356Fort Sherman    59Parque Metropolitano   

4. Elevation in meters

21300-500    1491500-1000    16261000-1500    15811500-2000    6852000-2500    4532500-3000    4003000-3500    75Over 3500   

5. Group

88Epiphyte    8Fern    2Moss    121Palm-like    61Vine    407Wildflower    414Woody   

6. Habitat

11Aquatic    6Farm or garden    6Fields/forest gaps    2High canopy    49Midstory    111Understory   

7. Leaf division

71Compound: pinnate 1 time    8208Simple: is not divided   

8. Leaf arrangement

689Alternate    11Basal    329Opposite    2Whorled   

9. Leaf shape

6Linear    297Wider near base    444Wider near middle    142Wider near tip   

10. Leaf margin

15Hairy    45Lobed    561Smooth    3Toothed    49Wavy   

11. Leaf tooth shape

190Pointed forward    12Pointed outward    17Round   

12. Leaf veins

96Palmate    119Parallel    600Pinnate   

13. Leaf blade length in cm

21 - 5    45 - 10    110 - 30    130 - 50   

14. Leaf top hair and texture

298Hairless    106Hairy    2Minute wrinkles on surface    7Rough feeling    10Scaly    9Slightly rough feeling    1Waxy   

15. Leaf bottom hair and texture

184Hairy all over    2Rough feeling    13Scaly    9Slightly rough feeling   

16. Fruit color

67Black    88Blue/purple    109Brown/maroon    104Green    126Red/pink    33White    108Yellow/orange   

17. Fruit size, length in cm

128Under 0.5    1730.5-1    1841-2    1472-4    934-8    688-16    41Over 16   

18. Flower color, main

59Blue, purple    81Green    10Maroon, brown, black    70Red, pink    165White    110Yellow, orange