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1. Number of Flagella    [Explain]

78 or Less, Includes Oxymonads and Trichomonads    6More Than 8, Includes Hypermastigids   

2. Placement of Flagella    [Explain]

4Anterior Region Only    1Anterior and Posterior Region Including Recurrent Flagella    5Flagellar Cords    5Posterior region only    2Spiraling Flagellar Rows Extend Almost To the Posterior End    1Spiraling Flagellar Rows Extend To Posterior End    1Undulating Membrane   

3. Cell Shape    [Explain]

2Anterior Rostrum    2Fusiform    7Lanceolate    5Oval    7Pyriform   

4. Axostyle    [Explain]

6Articulated, Includes Oxymonads    5Extend From Posterior End    7Nonarticulated, Includes Hympermastigids   

5. Cell Size    [Explain]

44.5-30 Ám    420-80 Ám    465-150 Ám    1100-275 Ám   

6. Host Species Protist Community    [Explain]

11Reticulitermes flavipes    9Reticulitermes hageni    9Reticulitermes virginicus   

7. Indicator Protist Species Used In Termite Identification    [Explain]

2Reticulitermes flavipes    1Reticulitermes hageni    1Reticulitermes virginicus