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1. P. rugosus vs. all    [Explain]

1P. rugosus - Head, vertex, a usually noticeable bump or mound located behind each comound eye and the rear edge of vertex PRESENT - Thorax, Scutum and Mesepisternum EXTREMELY rugose, pits irregulalry spaced and height of integument surface between pits all over the place, giving it a stong and obvious craggy appearance    14Other species - Head, vertex, a noticeable bump between each eye and the rear edge of vertex ABSENT, area normal, smoothly rounded from eye to back of head - If with any rugose sculpting, typically much less so   

2. State or province where bee was collected    [Explain]

10AL    13CT    14DC    14DE    10FL    13GA    14IL    14IN    15KY    13MA    14MD    4ME    13MI    10MS    14NC    4NH    13NJ    13NY    2New Brunswick    1Newfoundland and Labrador    2Nova Scotia    14OH    13Ontario    14PA    2Prince Edward Island    4Quebec    13RI    14SC    14TN    14VA    4VT    14WI    14WV   

3. Head, clypeus, color    [Explain]

5Entirely YELLOW, even on the far sides of the rim    1Mostly BLACK with a yellow spot in the center    14Mostly YELLOW, with only the far sides of the apical rim black   

4. Head, supraclypeal area, color    [Explain]

4At least half of area a SOLID YELLOW BLOCK    10Entirely BLACK    6Mostly black with SMALL AMOUNT of YELLOW, usually along clypeal suture   

5. Head, mandibles, color    [Explain]

4Entirely BLACK    11Entirely or mostly YELLOW   

6. Head, labrum, color    [Explain]

4Entirely BLACK    9Entirely or mostly YELLOW    9Only labral process more or less yellow, area to either side of the process black   

7. Head, scape, color    [Explain]

13Entirely BLACK    4Mostly black with some YELLOW   

8. Thorax, scutum, type of hair    [Explain]

7Hair erect, standing straight up or nearly so, generally of medium length    6Hair suberrect, very short, appearing as if parted and combed away from the midline    3Lacking hair   

9. Abdomen, T1, depressed apical rim    [Explain]

5Pitted or textured as if with tiny, round, pebbles    13Shiny, not pitted or texturized