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1. Abdomen

30Tip conical    1Tip divided lengthwise, with long hair    6Tip tubular    3With 1-3 sigmoid wing retaining setae    33Without sigmoid setae   

2. Antenna segment 3, 4

3Segment 3 with 1-2 cones    1Segment 3 with 3 cones    3Segment 4 with 2-3 cones    1Segment 4 with 4 cones   

3. Antenna segment number

77-8    47    218    29   

4. Forewing

1Crossveins    1Longitudinal vein 1    2Longitudinal veins 0    30Longitudinal veins 2    32No crossveins   

5. Forewing first veins

14 (3-6) end setae    6Complete row    8Interrupted row   

6. Forewing fringe

3Absent on foremagin    23Back margin hair straight    7Back margin hair wavy    1Duplicated fringe cilia    1Front fringe submarginal    1No duplicated cilia    1Rear fringe marginal    2Short on fore margin    1Short on rear margin   

7. Front foot shape

1Blunt tooth    1Both sexes with tooth    6No tooth   

8. Ovipositor

15Curved down    4Curved up    32external, saw-like    2internal   

9. Posteromarginal comb

2Abdomen top segment 8 with gap in middle microtrichia    6Abdomen top segment 8 with microtrichia    2Abdomen top segment 8 without microtrichia    7Absent    3Complete    1Interrupted in the middle    4Replace by craspedumm   

10. Pronotum shape

30Rectangular    1Trapezoid   

11. Wing state


12. Wing microsculpture and fringe cilia

25fringe cilia arising from sockets    2not arising from sockets    7with microtrichia    19without microtrichia