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1. State or province where bee was collected    [Explain]

10AL    2DC    2DE    10FL    10GA    2MD    10MS    10NC    2NJ    10SC    10VA    10WV   

2. Sex, number of antennal segments

512, female    513, male   

3. Thorax, color

8Black with yellow markings    2Entirely black, no markings   

4. Abdomen, upperside hair bands

2Ivory bands set right on the rim of each segment    8Yellow bands set somewhat removed from the rim of each segment   

5. T6, color

1Basal 1/3 black, apical 2/3 yellow    1Basal half black, apical half yellow    1Black with a large yellow mark on each side, markings may be touching in center    1Black with a yellow, broadly v-shaped median mark    4Entirely black    2Largely yellow, only rim and extreme base black   

6. Mandibles, color

1Black with yellow markings    4Entirely black    5Yellow with only the tips of the teeth black   

7. Subgenus

8Heteranthidium    2Legnanthidium