Color, dominant | Denticles inside inner lip | Denticles inside outer lip | Notch, Anterior Siphonal | Notch, Posterior, depth | Notch, Posterior: Position | Sculpture, axial, on last whorl | Sculpture, spiral, on penultimate whorl | Size in millimeters | Spire angle in degrees | Varix or heavy rib | Whorls, number of , range

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1. Size in millimeters

2Under 5    345 to 10    6510 to 25    3625 to 50    3150 to 100    3100 to 200   

2. Whorls, number of , range

19Under 6    926-10    49Over 10   

3. Sculpture, axial, on last whorl

42Absent or growth lines only    6Nodes aligned vertically    29Only or strongest on sinus fasciole    77Ribs continuous or shouldered    1Spines or flanges   

4. Sculpture, spiral, on penultimate whorl

13Absent    125Cords   

5. Color, dominant

1Black    56Brown/Tan    18Gold/Yellow    5Gray    8Orange    5Pink    3Red    93White/Cream   

6. Notch, Anterior Siphonal

52Extended as long canal    54Extended as short canal    38Notch only   

7. Notch, Posterior: Position    [Explain]

12At Suture    74Between suture and periphery    38Near Periphery    43Near Suture   

8. Notch, Posterior, depth

28At least twice as wide as deep    52Deeper than wide    39Depth similar to width    32Wider than deep   

9. Spire angle in degrees

37Under 25    625-30    1930-35    1635-40    840-45    1445-50    1850-55    1555-60    860-65    1165-70    9Over 70   

10. Varix or heavy rib

75Absent    31At outer lip    21Behind lip    16Dorsal   

11. Denticles inside inner lip

103Absent    37Present   

12. Denticles inside outer lip

102Absent    35Posterior and anterior    5Posterior only