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Number scored for a state is in green.

1. Flower color

8Blue, purple    1Green    9Red, pink    16White    7Yellow, orange   

2. Flower petal number

60 or indistinct    21 - 2    23    74    105    56    7Over 6   

3. Flower symmetry

4Flower parts not distinguishable    7Not radially symmetrical    17Radially symmetrical   

4. Leaf or leaflet venation

5Not visible    9Palmate    4Parallel    10Pinnate   

5. Leaf or leaflet shape

7Heart-shaped    1Kidney-shaped    3Linear    10Lobed    8Wider near base    7Wider near middle    5Wider near tip   

6. Stem orientation

8Creep on the ground    17Stand up   

7. Leaf arrangement on stem

9At base of stem    12Paired on stem    6Singly on stem    8Three or more together on stem