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Number scored for a state is in green.

1. Stromata, position

21Horizontal    4Vertical   

2. Stromata, number of perithecia

24Multiple perithecia in stromata    1Single perithecium in stromata   

3. Stromata, shape

3Club-shaped    2Crust-like    2Cup-like to disc-shaped    10Flat and bumpy    1Flat, not bumpy    10Half-rounded globular mounds    1Round, ball-shaped    1Round, pea-shaped    1Thread-like to hair-like   

4. Stromata, color

7Brown colored brown to grayish-brown    11Dark colored dark brown to dark gray or black    4Purplish colored purple to purplish-brown    5Reddish colored orange to red or dark red    1White to gray with black dots ostioles   

5. Stromata, ostioles

9Not distinct    16Papillate    1Surrounded by a poorly developed circle    1Surrounded by a well developed circle    1Surrounded by a white ring   

6. Asci, shape

24Cylindrical    1Globose to subglobose   

7. Ascospore, shape

24Ellipsoid    1Subglobose   

8. KOH-extractable pigment, color

1Dark brown    4Greenish    1Greenish brown    9None    1Orange or greenish    5Orange or reddish    3Yellow or greenish    1Yellow-brown