Guide credits

Draft Bee Genera of Eastern North America

Sam Droege, Rob Jean, and Michael Orr

Based on material extracted from:

Michener, C.D., R.J. McGinley, and B.N. Danforth. 1994. The Bee Genera of North and Central America as well additional characters and scorings from Terry Griswold.

The authors of the Bee Genera book kindly permitted the reproduction of their illustrations in this guide. Natalie Allen, Travis Conrad,Stephanie Kolski, and Amy Lohr did a tremendous amount of work while entering information, scanning, testing, and taking pictures for this volume

Many thanks go to John Pickering and his shop for supporting the effort to update the guides to the identification of bees and other groups of plants and animals

Editing by Tracy Zarrillo

Many thanks to all who contributed suggestions and pictures

If you have questions, comments, or especially corrections please contact Sam at or call at 301-497-5840