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Discover Life
8 kinds match


Anthidium maculifrons  [popup] female
Anthidium maculifrons  [popup] male
Anthidium manicatum  [popup] female
Anthidium manicatum  [popup] male
Anthidium oblongatum  [popup] female
Anthidium oblongatum  [popup] male
Anthidium psoraleae  [popup] female
Anthidium psoraleae  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Female, head, clypeus, shape of rim
 Straight or slightly incurved with 1-2 pair of LATERAL teeth, edge may appear slightly wavy or thickened (2)
 Overall shape is straight or slightly incurved with NO clear teeth on far sides or raised knobs, edge may appear slightly wavy or thickened with a pair of obscure teeth near the center (1)
 With 2 obtuse black teeth on each FAR side with 3-5 raised yellow knobs in between (1)
Female, head, color of face
 Black with yellow markings (3)
 Entirely black (1)
Head, antennae, scape, color
 Entirely black (7)
 Yellow (1)
Male, abdomen, T2-T5, type of hair
 Without distinct tufts of long, curled hair on lateral edges (4)
 With tufts of distinct curled, long, tan hair on lateral edges (1)
Male, abdomen, T7, overall shape of rim
 Rim with one sharp, prong-like central projection and broad lateral lobes with acute inner angles (1)
 Rim with one short, sharp central projection and longer, blunt lateral projections (1)
 Rim with three prong-like projections, the center projection being the shortest of the three (1)
 Segment rim broadly convex with a deep U-shaped notch in the center (1)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 12, female (4)
 13, male (4)
State or province where bee was collected
 IL (8)
 IN (8)
 AL (6)
 FL (6)
 GA (6)
 KY (6)
 MI (6)
 MS (6)
 NC (6)
 SC (6)
 TN (6)
 VA (6)
 WI (6)
 CT (4)
 DC (4)
 DE (4)
 MA (4)
 MD (4)
 ME (4)
 NH (4)
 NJ (4)
 NY (4)
 New Brunswick (4)
 Newfoundland and Labrador (4)
 Nova Scotia (4)
 OH (4)
 Ontario (4)
 PA (4)
 Prince Edward Island (4)
 Quebec (4)
 RI (4)
 VT (4)
 WV (4)
 Anthidium (6)
 Proanthidium (2)
Thorax, scutellum, rim, presence or absence of small lateral teeth
 Absent (6)
 Present (2)