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Discover Life
20 kinds match


Crambomorphus sinuatus  [popup]
Golafrus oneili  [popup]
Goniocercus walkeri  [popup]
Lachlathetes moestus  [popup]
Nosa tigris  [popup]
Palparellus nyassanus  [popup]
Palpares caffer  [popup]
Palpares campanai  [popup]
Palpares elegantulus  [popup]
Palpares immensus  [popup]
Palpares inclemens  [popup]
Palpares sobrinus  [popup]
Palpares sparsus  [popup]
Palpares tristis  [popup]
Pamares deru  [popup] male
Namib antlion
Pamares nephele  [popup]
Pamexis bifasciatus  [popup]
Pamexis karoo  [popup]
Pamexis namaqua  [popup]
Tomatares citrinus  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen color
 Brown uniformly (7)
 Black uniformly (4)
 Red uniformly (3)
 Yellow, black stripes (3)
 Black, yellow marks (1)
 Brown, black stripes (1)
Abdomen pattern
 Stripes absent (15)
 Median black stripe (2)
 Median yellow stripe (2)
Antenna color
 Black (17)
 Brown (1)
 Pale (1)
Antenna length vs head width
 Longer (14)
 Equal (4)
 Less (1)
Ectoproct shape
 Forcipate (15)
 Internal lobe present (2)
 Pitchfork shape (1)
 V_shape (1)
Ectoptoct vs abdomen segment 10 length
 Longer (12)
 Shorter (6)
 Equal (1)
Eye size
 Half sphere (14)
 Reduced (5)
 Bulbous (1)
Forehead color
 Black (2)
 Black, pale bar (2)
 Pale (1)
Head top
 Round (2)
 Flat (1)
 Raised (1)
Labial palp length vs head width
 shorter (17)
 Longer (2)
Labial palp sense organ
 Round (14)
 Elongate (4)
 Slit to tip (1)
Leg color
 Black (10)
 Feet only black (5)
 Feet only brown (2)
 Brown (1)
 Pale (1)
Male ectoproct color
 Black (9)
 Brown (6)
 Yellow (4)
Male gonarcus
 Bulla present (15)
 Bulla absent (4)
Male parameres
 Large (16)
 Miniscule (3)
 Southern Africa (12)
 South Africa (8)
 Afrotropical (5)
 Palaearctic (1)
Thorax top pattern
 Median stripe present (9)
 Black and yellow (5)
 Median stripe absent (2)
 Pattern uniform (2)
 All black (1)
Wing color
 Other (16)
 Yellow (3)
Wing rear margin shape
 Smooth (16)
 Wavy (3)
Wing tip shape
 Round (15)
 Pointed (4)