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Discover Life 85 kinds match in US, CA, Bay Area:
Amblyopone pallipes  [popup] female worker
Stigmatomma pallipes
Aphaenogaster occidentalis  [popup] female worker
Brachymyrmex depilis  [popup] female worker
Camponotus clarithorax  [popup] female worker
Camponotus dumetorum  [popup] female worker
Camponotus essigi  [popup] female worker
Camponotus hyatti  [popup] female worker
Camponotus laevigatus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus quercicola  [popup] female worker
Camponotus semitestaceus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus vicinus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus yogi  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster coarctata  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster hespera  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster marioni  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster mormonum  [popup] female worker
Cyphomyrmex wheeleri  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex bicolor  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex insanus  [popup] female worker
Formica accreta  [popup] female worker
Formica aerata  [popup] female worker
Formica argentea  [popup] female worker
Formica aserva  [popup] female worker
Formica densiventris  [popup] female worker
Formica fusca  [popup] female worker
Formica integroides  [popup] female worker
Formica lasioides  [popup] female worker
Formica longipilosa  [popup] female worker
Formica moki  [popup] female worker
Formica neogagates  [popup] female worker
Formica nevadensis  [popup] female worker
Formica subelongata  [popup] female worker
Formica subpolita  [popup] female worker
Formica transmontanis  [popup] female worker
Formica xerophila  [popup] female worker
Hypoponera opacior  [popup] female worker
Hypoponera punctatissima  [popup] female worker
Lasius alienus  [popup] female worker
Lasius flavus  [popup] female worker
Lasius flavus_myops
Lasius pallitarsis  [popup] female worker
Linepithema humile  [popup] female worker
Argentine Ant...
Liometopum luctuosum  [popup] female worker
Liometopum occidentale  [popup] female worker
Messor andrei  [popup] female worker
Messor chicoensis  [popup] female worker
Monomorium ergatogyna  [popup] female worker
Monomorium pharaonis  [popup] female worker
Myrmecina americana  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus mimicus  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus testaceus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex californicus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex nigrescens  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex opacithorax  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina vividula  [popup] female worker
Pheidole californica  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole californica  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole hyatti  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole hyatti  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole moerens  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole moerens  [popup] female major worker
Pogonomyrmex brevispinosus  [popup] female worker
Pogonomyrmex subdentatus  [popup] female worker
Polyergus breviceps  [popup] female worker
Prenolepis imparis  [popup] female worker
Prenolepis imparis_arizonica...
Proceratium californicum  [popup] female worker
Pseudomyrmex apache  [popup] female worker
Pyramica membranifera  [popup] female worker
Pyramica reliquia  [popup] female worker
Solenopsis molesta  [popup] female worker
Solenopsis tennesseensis  [popup] female worker
Solenopsis xyloni  [popup] female worker
Stenamma californicum  [popup] female worker
Stenamma diecki  [popup] female worker
Stenamma punctatoventre  [popup] female worker
Stenamma sequoiarum  [popup] female worker
Stenamma snellingi  [popup] female worker
Tapinoma sessile  [popup] female worker
Technomyrmex albipes  [popup] female worker
Temnothorax andrei  [popup] female worker
Temnothorax gallae  [popup] female worker
Temnothorax nevadensis  [popup] female worker
Temnothorax nitens  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax nitens
Temnothorax oxynodis  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax oxynodis
Temnothorax rugatulus  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax rugatulus
Tetramorium caespitum  [popup] female worker

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen main color
 Brown, red (69)
 Black (26)
 Yellow (18)
Antenna scape hair, except tip
 Fuzz only (40)
 Erect only (9)
 Erect and fuzz (5)
 Bald (2)
Antenna scape length, to head top
 Long, well beyond (34)
 Medium, yes or just beyond (30)
 Short, no (25)
Antenna scape shape
 Curve (84)
 Angle (1)
Antenna segment number
 12 (72)
 11 (8)
 10 (3)
 6 (2)
 9 (1)
Antenna socket, at lip edge
 Yes (76)
 Above (9)
Antenna tip, number larger segments
 0, even (26)
 3 (12)
 2 (5)
 Gradual increase (5)
 1 (4)
 4 (1)
Body length mm
 3 (22)
 2 (14)
 4 (13)
 5 (9)
 6 (7)
 1 (3)
 7 (3)
 Over 9 (3)
 8 (2)
 9 (1)
Eye shape
 Oval (55)
 Round (22)
 Absent, not obvious (11)
 Tear (1)
Eye size, times scape maximum width
 Large, over 2 (47)
 Medium, 1-2 (32)
 Small, under 1 (9)
 Eye absent, not obvious (7)
 Formica (16)
 Camponotus (9)
 Pheidole (6)
 Temnothorax (6)
 Stenamma (5)
 Crematogaster (4)
 Lasius (3)
 Neivamyrmex (3)
 Solenopsis (3)
 Dorymyrmex (2)
 Hypoponera (2)
 Liometopum (2)
 Messor (2)
 Monomorium (2)
 Myrmecocystus (2)
 Pogonomyrmex (2)
 Pyramica (2)
 Amblyopone (1)
 Aphaenogaster (1)
 Brachymyrmex (1)
 Cyphomyrmex (1)
 Linepithema (1)
 Myrmecina (1)
 Paratrechina (1)
 Polyergus (1)
 Prenolepis (1)
 Proceratium (1)
 Pseudomyrmex (1)
 Tapinoma (1)
 Technomyrmex (1)
 Tetramorium (1)
Hair color
 Light, or no hair (83)
 Dark (3)
Hair type
 Erect (26)
 Erect and fuzz (12)
 Fuzz (6)
 Flat or club (1)
 None (1)
Head 3 ocelli present
 No (64)
 Yes (20)
Head main color
 Brown, red (58)
 Yellow (29)
 Black (14)
Head main texture
 Smooth (43)
 Line (15)
 Zit (15)
 Crinkle (11)
 Pit (11)
 Wrinkle (1)
Head top shape
 Flat (70)
 Dent (30)
 Round (4)
 Horn (2)
 Myrmicinae (36)
 Formicinae (33)
 Dolichoderinae (7)
 Ecitoninae (3)
 Ponerinae (2)
 Amblyoponinae (1)
 Proceratiinae (1)
 Pseudomyrmecinae (1)
Thorax front main texture
 Smooth (44)
 Crinkle (19)
 Zit (19)
 Line (17)
 Pit (2)
 Wrinkle (2)
Thorax main color
 Brown, red (70)
 Yellow (22)
 Black (11)
 Dark brown (3)
Thorax profile
 Over 1 curve (56)
 1 curve (27)
 Rear horn (3)
Thorax rear spine shape from side
 No spines (54)
 Short tooth like (23)
 Long curved downward (6)
 Long curved or angled upward (3)
 Long straight level with thorax (2)
Thorax rear spine shape from top
 No spines (55)
 Short tooth like (19)
 Long curved outward (7)
 Long straight (4)
 Long curved inward (2)
Thorax spine number
 0 (52)
 2 (29)
 1 (4)
 4 (1)
Thorax top erect hair density
 Many, over 10 (51)
 Few, 1-10 (23)
 Bald, fuzz only (15)
Waist bumps
 1 point (32)
 2 stalk (29)
 2 close (19)
 1 round (12)
 1 flat (5)
 1 join (1)
 1 square (1)
Waist connects to abdomen
 Bottom, middle (80)
 Top (5)
Waist petiole number
 1 (45)
 2 (40)
Z Abdomen color, brown shade
 Dark brown (2)
 Yellowish brown (2)
 Reddish brown (1)
Z Abdomen tergite-6 hair density
 Dense, hairs closer than their length (3)
 Sparse, hairs separated by their length (1)
Z Eye facets in greatest diameter
 1-2 (1)
 5-6 (1)
Z Gastric hair
 Dense (1)
 Dilute (1)
Z Head color, brown shade
 Dark brown (3)
 Reddish brown (1)
 Yellowish brown (1)
Z Head texture lines
 No lines (3)
 Vertical lines only (2)
 Vertical and horizontal lines (1)
Z JT Main body color
 Dark brown (2)
 Tan-brown (1)
Z Thorax color, yellow shade
 Tan-brown (1)
 Yellow, pale tan (1)
Zz Pheidole group
 Fallax (2)
 Flavens (2)
 Pilifera (2)