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Discover Life
112 kinds match

Acanthomyrmex ferox  [popup] worker
Acropyga sp_1  [popup] worker
Aenictus sp_1  [popup] worker
Aenictus sp_2  [popup] worker
Anochetus sp_1  [popup] worker
Aphaenogaster sp_1  [popup] worker
Camponotus gigas  [popup] worker
Camponotus sp_1  [popup] worker
Camponotus sp_2  [popup] worker
Camponotus sp_3  [popup] worker
Camponotus sp_4  [popup] worker
Camponotus sp_5  [popup] worker
Camponotus sp_6  [popup] worker
Camponotus sp_7  [popup] worker
Centromyrmex sp_1  [popup] worker
Cerapachys sp_1  [popup] worker
Cerapachys sp_2  [popup] worker
Crematogaster inflata  [popup] worker
Crematogaster sp_1  [popup] worker
Crematogaster sp_2  [popup] worker
Crematogaster sp_3  [popup] worker
Crematogaster sp_4  [popup] worker
Crematogaster sp_5  [popup] worker
Crematogaster sp_6  [popup] worker
Cryptopone sp_1  [popup] worker
Diacama rogusom  [popup] worker
Dilobocondyla sp_1  [popup] worker
Discothyrea sp_1  [popup] worker
Dolichoderus sp_1  [popup] worker
Emeryopone sp_1  [popup] worker
Europhalothrix sp_1  [popup] worker
Formica sp_1  [popup] worker
Gnamtogenys sp_1  [popup] worker
Hypoponera sp_1  [popup] worker
Hypoponera sp_2  [popup] worker
Hypoponera sp_3  [popup] worker
Hypoponera sp_4  [popup] worker
Hypoponera sp_5  [popup] worker
Leptogenys mutabilis  [popup] worker
Leptogenys sp_1  [popup] worker
Leptogenys sp_2  [popup] worker
Leptogenys sp_3  [popup] worker
Leptogenys sp_4  [popup] worker
Lophomrymex bedoti  [popup] worker
Lophomrymex longicornis  [popup] worker
Lordomryma sp_1  [popup] worker
Lordomyrma sp_2  [popup] worker
Mayriella sp_1  [popup] worker
Myrmecina sp_1  [popup] worker
Myrmoteras sp_1  [popup] worker
Myrmoteras sp_2  [popup] worker
Mystrium sp_1  [popup] worker
Odontomachus rixosus  [popup] worker
Odontoponera sp_1  [popup] worker
Oligomrymex sp_1  [popup] worker
Oligomrymex sp_2  [popup] worker
Oligomrymex sp_3  [popup] worker
Pachycondyla sp_1  [popup] worker
Pachycondyla sp_2  [popup] worker
Pachycondyla sp_3  [popup] worker
Pachycondyla sp_4  [popup] worker
Pachycondyla sp_5  [popup] worker
Pachycondyla sp_6  [popup] worker
Paratrechina longicornis  [popup] worker
Paratrechina sp_1  [popup] worker
Paratrechina sp_2  [popup] worker
Paratrechina sp_3  [popup] worker
Pheidole aristoltelis  [popup] worker
Pheidole plagiaria  [popup] worker
Pheidole sp_1  [popup] worker
Pheidole sp_2  [popup] worker
Pheidole sp_3  [popup] worker
Pheidole sp_4  [popup] worker
Pheidole sp_5  [popup] worker
Pheidologeton affinis  [popup] worker
Pheidologeton pygmaeus  [popup] worker
Pheidologeton silenus  [popup] worker
Polyrachis defensa  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_1  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_2  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_3  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_4  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_5  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_6  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_7  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_8  [popup] worker
Polyrachis sp_9  [popup] worker
Polyrachis ypsilon  [popup] worker
Ponera sp_1  [popup] worker
Ponera sp_2  [popup] worker
Ponera sp_3  [popup] worker
Pristomyrmex sp_1  [popup] worker
Proatta butteli  [popup] worker
Pseudolasius sp_1  [popup] worker
Pyramica sp_1  [popup] worker
Pyramica sp_2  [popup] worker
Pyramica sp_3  [popup] worker
Recurvidris sp_1  [popup] worker
Solenopsis sp_1  [popup] worker
Strumigenys sp_1  [popup] worker
Strumigenys sp_2  [popup] worker
Strumigenys sp_3  [popup] worker
Strumigenys sp_4  [popup] worker
Strumigenys sp_5  [popup] worker
Strumigenys sp_6  [popup] worker
Technomyrmex sp_1  [popup] worker
Technomyrmex sp_2  [popup] worker
Tetramorium bicarinatum  [popup] worker
Tetramorium lanuginosum  [popup] worker
Tetramorium laparum  [popup] worker
Tetramorium noratum  [popup] worker
Vollenhovia sp_1  [popup] worker

REMAINING (number with state)
Antenna segment number
 12 (8)
 10 (1)
Functional groups
 Cryptic species (35)
 Subordinate Camponitini (19)
 Specialist predators (15)
 Tropical climate specialist (15)
 Generalized myrmicinae (14)
 Opportunist (14)