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Discover Life
712 kinds match

Amblyomma albopictum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma albopictum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma albopictum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma albopictum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma americanum  [popup] female adult
Lone Star Tick
Amblyomma americanum  [popup] male adult
Lone Star Tick
Amblyomma americanum  [popup] larva
Lone Star Tick
Amblyomma americanum  [popup] nymph
Lone Star Tick
Amblyomma argentinae  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma argentinae  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma argentinae  [popup] larva
Amblyomma argentinae  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma auricularium  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma auricularium  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma auricularium  [popup] larva
Amblyomma auricularium  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma cajennense  [popup] female adult
Cayenne Tick
Amblyomma cajennense  [popup] male adult
Cayenne Tick
Amblyomma cajennense  [popup] larva
Cayenne Tick
Amblyomma cajennense  [popup] nymph
Cayenne Tick
Amblyomma calcaratum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma calcaratum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma calcaratum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma calcaratum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma chabaudi  [popup] female adult
Madagascan tortoise tick
Amblyomma chabaudi  [popup] male adult
Madagascan tortoise tick
Amblyomma chabaudi  [popup] larva
Madagascan tortoise tick
Amblyomma chabaudi  [popup] nymph
Madagascan tortoise tick
Amblyomma clypeolatum  [popup] female adult
Asian tortoise tick
Amblyomma clypeolatum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma clypeolatum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma clypeolatum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma coelebs  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma coelebs  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma coelebs  [popup] larva
Amblyomma coelebs  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma compressum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma compressum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma compressum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma compressum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma dissimile  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma dissimile  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma dissimile  [popup] larva
Amblyomma dissimile  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma falsomarmoreum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma falsomarmoreum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma falsomarmoreum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma falsomarmoreum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma geayi  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma geayi  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma geayi  [popup] larva
Amblyomma geayi  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma gemma  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma gemma  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma gemma  [popup] larva
Amblyomma gemma  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma geoemydae  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma geoemydae  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma geoemydae  [popup] larva
Amblyomma geoemydae  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma hebraeum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma hebraeum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma hebraeum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma hebraeum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma helvolum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma helvolum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma helvolum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma helvolum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma humerale  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma humerale  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma humerale  [popup] larva
Amblyomma humerale  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma imitator  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma imitator  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma imitator  [popup] larva
Amblyomma imitator  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma incisum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma incisum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma incisum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma incisum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma inornatum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma inornatum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma inornatum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma inornatum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma javanense  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma javanense  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma javanense  [popup] larva
Amblyomma javanense  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma lepidum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma lepidum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma lepidum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma lepidum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma maculatum  [popup] female adult
Gulf Coast Tick
Amblyomma maculatum  [popup] male adult
Gulf Coast Tick
Amblyomma maculatum  [popup] larva
Gulf Coast Tick
Amblyomma maculatum  [popup] nymph
Gulf Coast Tick
Amblyomma marmoreum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma marmoreum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma marmoreum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma marmoreum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma moreliae  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma moreliae  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma moreliae  [popup] larva
Amblyomma moreliae  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma multipunctum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma multipunctum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma multipunctum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma multipunctum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma nodosum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma nodosum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma nodosum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma nodosum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma nuttalli  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma nuttalli  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma nuttalli  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma nuttalli  [popup] larva
Amblyomma nuttalli  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma oblongoguttatum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma oblongoguttatum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma oblongoguttatum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma oblongoguttatum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma ovale  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma ovale  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma ovale  [popup] larva
Amblyomma ovale  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma parvum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma parvum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma parvum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma parvum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma pictum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma pictum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma pictum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma pictum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma pseudoconcolor  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma pseudoconcolor  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma pseudoconcolor  [popup] larva
Amblyomma pseudoconcolor  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma quadricavum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma quadricavum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma quadricavum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma quadricavum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma rotundatum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma rotundatum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma rotundatum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma rotundatum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma sabanerae  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma sabanerae  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma sabanerae  [popup] larva
Amblyomma sabanerae  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma scutatum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma scutatum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma scutatum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma scutatum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma sparsum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma sparsum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma sparsum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma sparsum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma splendidum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma splendidum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma splendidum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma splendidum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma sylvaticum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma sylvaticum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma sylvaticum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma sylvaticum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma testudinarium  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma testudinarium  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma testudinarium  [popup] larva
Amblyomma testudinarium  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma tholloni  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma tholloni  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma tholloni  [popup] larva
Amblyomma tholloni  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma triguttatum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma triguttatum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma triguttatum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma triguttatum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma tuberculatum  [popup] female adult
Gophertortoise Tick
Amblyomma tuberculatum  [popup] male adult
Gophertortoise Tick
Amblyomma tuberculatum  [popup] larva
Gophertortoise Tick
Amblyomma tuberculatum  [popup] nymph
Gophertortoise Tick
Amblyomma variegatum  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma variegatum  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma variegatum  [popup] larva
Amblyomma variegatum  [popup] nymph
Amblyomma varium  [popup] female adult
Amblyomma varium  [popup] male adult
Amblyomma varium  [popup] larva
Amblyomma varium  [popup] nymph
Aponomma crassipes  [popup] female adult
Aponomma crassipes  [popup] male adult
Aponomma crassipes  [popup] larva
Aponomma crassipes  [popup] nymph
Aponomma elaphense  [popup] female adult
Aponomma elaphense  [popup] male adult
Aponomma elaphense  [popup] larva
Aponomma elaphense  [popup] nymph
Aponomma exornatum  [popup] female adult
Aponomma exornatum  [popup] male adult
Aponomma exornatum  [popup] larva
Aponomma exornatum  [popup] nymph
Aponomma fimbriatum  [popup] female adult
Aponomma fimbriatum  [popup] male adult
Aponomma fimbriatum  [popup] larva
Aponomma fimbriatum  [popup] nymph
Aponomma flavomaculatum  [popup] female adult
Aponomma flavomaculatum  [popup] male adult
Aponomma flavomaculatum  [popup] larva
Aponomma flavomaculatum  [popup] nymph
Aponomma fuscolineatum  [popup] female adult
Aponomma fuscolineatum  [popup] male adult
Aponomma fuscolineatum  [popup] larva
Aponomma fuscolineatum  [popup] nymph
Aponomma komodoense  [popup] female adult
Aponomma komodoense  [popup] male adult
Aponomma komodoense  [popup] larva
Aponomma komodoense  [popup] nymph
Aponomma latum  [popup] female adult
Aponomma latum  [popup] male adult
Aponomma latum  [popup] larva
Aponomma latum  [popup] nymph
Aponomma nuttalli  [popup] male adult
Aponomma nuttalli  [popup] larva
Aponomma nuttalli  [popup] nymph
Aponomma transversale  [popup] female adult
Aponomma transversale  [popup] male adult
Aponomma transversale  [popup] larva
Aponomma transversale  [popup] nymph
Aponomma trimaculatum  [popup] female adult
Aponomma trimaculatum  [popup] male adult
Aponomma trimaculatum  [popup] larva
Aponomma trimaculatum  [popup] nymph
Aponomma varanense  [popup] female adult
Aponomma varanense  [popup] male adult
Aponomma varanense  [popup] larva
Aponomma varanense  [popup] nymph
Argas brevipes  [popup] female adult
Argas brevipes  [popup] male adult
Argas brevipes  [popup] larva
Argas brevipes  [popup] nymph
Argas cooleyi  [popup] female adult
Argas cooleyi  [popup] male adult
Argas cooleyi  [popup] larva
Argas cooleyi  [popup] nymph
Argas giganteus  [popup] female adult
Argas giganteus  [popup] male adult
Argas giganteus  [popup] larva
Argas giganteus  [popup] nymph
Argas miniatus  [popup] female adult
Argas miniatus  [popup] male adult
Argas miniatus  [popup] larva
Argas miniatus  [popup] nymph
Argas monolakensis  [popup] female adult
Argas monolakensis  [popup] male adult
Argas monolakensis  [popup] larva
Argas monolakensis  [popup] nymph
Argas persicus  [popup] female adult
Fowl Tick
Argas persicus  [popup] male adult
Fowl Tick
Argas persicus  [popup] larva
Fowl Tick
Argas persicus  [popup] nymph
Fowl Tick
Argas radiatus  [popup] female adult
Argas radiatus  [popup] male adult
Argas radiatus  [popup] larva
Argas radiatus  [popup] nymph
Argas ricei  [popup] female adult
Argas ricei  [popup] male adult
Argas ricei  [popup] larva
Argas ricei  [popup] nymph
Argas sanchezi  [popup] female adult
Argas sanchezi  [popup] male adult
Argas sanchezi  [popup] larva
Argas sanchezi  [popup] nymph
Boophilus annulatus  [popup] female adult
Cattle Tick
Boophilus annulatus  [popup] male adult
Cattle Tick
Boophilus annulatus  [popup] larva
Cattle Tick
Boophilus annulatus  [popup] nymph
Cattle Tick
Boophilus decoloratus  [popup] female adult
Boophilus decoloratus  [popup] male adult
Boophilus decoloratus  [popup] larva
Boophilus decoloratus  [popup] nymph
Boophilus microplus  [popup] female adult
Southern Cattle Tick
Boophilus microplus  [popup] male adult
Southern Cattle Tick
Boophilus microplus  [popup] larva
Southern Cattle Tick
Boophilus microplus  [popup] nymph
Southern Cattle Tick
Bothriocroton concolor  [popup] female adult
Bothriocroton concolor  [popup] male adult
Bothriocroton concolor  [popup] larva
Bothriocroton concolor  [popup] nymph
Bothriocroton hydrosauri  [popup] female adult
Bothriocroton hydrosauri  [popup] male adult
Bothriocroton hydrosauri  [popup] larva
Bothriocroton hydrosauri  [popup] nymph
Carios amblus  [popup] female adult
Carios amblus  [popup] male adult
Carios amblus  [popup] larva
Carios amblus  [popup] nymph
Carios brodyi  [popup] female adult
Carios brodyi  [popup] male adult
Carios brodyi  [popup] larva
Carios brodyi  [popup] nymph
Carios capensis  [popup] female adult
Carios capensis  [popup] male adult
Carios capensis  [popup] larva
Carios capensis  [popup] nymph
Carios concanensis  [popup] female adult
Carios concanensis  [popup] male adult
Carios concanensis  [popup] larva
Carios concanensis  [popup] nymph
Carios coprophilus  [popup] female adult
Carios coprophilus  [popup] male adult
Carios coprophilus  [popup] larva
Carios coprophilus  [popup] nymph
Carios denmarki  [popup] female adult
Carios denmarki  [popup] male adult
Carios denmarki  [popup] larva
Carios denmarki  [popup] nymph
Carios hasei  [popup] female adult
Carios hasei  [popup] male adult
Carios hasei  [popup] larva
Carios hasei  [popup] nymph
Carios kelleyi  [popup] female adult
Bat Tick
Carios kelleyi  [popup] male adult
Bat Tick
Carios kelleyi  [popup] larva
Bat Tick
Carios kelleyi  [popup] nymph
Bat Tick
Carios mexicanus  [popup] female adult
Carios mexicanus  [popup] male adult
Carios mexicanus  [popup] larva
Carios mexicanus  [popup] nymph
Carios rossi  [popup] female adult
Carios rossi  [popup] male adult
Carios rossi  [popup] larva
Carios rossi  [popup] nymph
Carios rudis  [popup] female adult
Carios rudis  [popup] male adult
Carios rudis  [popup] larva
Carios rudis  [popup] nymph
Carios stageri  [popup] female adult
Carios stageri  [popup] male adult
Carios stageri  [popup] larva
Carios stageri  [popup] nymph
Carios talaje  [popup] female adult
Carios talaje  [popup] male adult
Carios talaje  [popup] larva
Carios talaje  [popup] nymph
Carios yumatensis  [popup] male adult
Carios yumatensis  [popup] larva
Carios yumatensis  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor albipictus  [popup] female adult
Winter Tick
Dermacentor albipictus  [popup] male adult
Winter Tick
Dermacentor albipictus  [popup] larva
Winter Tick
Dermacentor albipictus  [popup] nymph
Winter Tick
Dermacentor andersoni  [popup] female adult
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
Dermacentor andersoni  [popup] male adult
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
Dermacentor andersoni  [popup] larva
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
Dermacentor andersoni  [popup] nymph
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
Dermacentor auratus  [popup] female adult
Dermacentor auratus  [popup] male adult
Dermacentor auratus  [popup] larva
Dermacentor auratus  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor halli  [popup] female adult
Dermacentor halli  [popup] male adult
Dermacentor halli  [popup] larva
Dermacentor halli  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor hunteri  [popup] female adult
Dermacentor hunteri  [popup] male adult
Dermacentor hunteri  [popup] larva
Dermacentor hunteri  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor nitens  [popup] female adult
Tropical Horse Tick
Dermacentor nitens  [popup] male adult
Tropical Horse Tick
Dermacentor nitens  [popup] larva
Tropical Horse Tick
Dermacentor nitens  [popup] nymph
Tropical Horse Tick
Dermacentor nuttalli  [popup] female adult
Dermacentor nuttalli  [popup] male adult
Dermacentor nuttalli  [popup] larva
Dermacentor nuttalli  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor occidentalis  [popup] female adult
Pacific Coast Tick
Dermacentor occidentalis  [popup] male adult
Pacific Coast Tick
Dermacentor occidentalis  [popup] larva
Pacific Coast Tick
Dermacentor occidentalis  [popup] nymph
Pacific Coast Tick
Dermacentor parumapertus  [popup] female adult
Dermacentor parumapertus  [popup] male adult
Dermacentor parumapertus  [popup] larva
Dermacentor parumapertus  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor reticulatus  [popup] female adult
Dermacentor reticulatus  [popup] male adult
Dermacentor reticulatus  [popup] larva
Dermacentor reticulatus  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor rhinocerinus  [popup] female adult
Dermacentor rhinocerinus  [popup] male adult
Dermacentor rhinocerinus  [popup] larva
Dermacentor rhinocerinus  [popup] nymph
Dermacentor variabilis  [popup] female adult
American dog tick
Dermacentor variabilis  [popup] male adult
American dog tick
Dermacentor variabilis  [popup] larva
American dog tick
Dermacentor variabilis  [popup] nymph
American dog tick
Haemaphysalis chordeilis  [popup] female adult
Bird Tick
Haemaphysalis chordeilis  [popup] male adult
Bird Tick
Haemaphysalis chordeilis  [popup] larva
Bird Tick
Haemaphysalis chordeilis  [popup] nymph
Bird Tick
Haemaphysalis elongata  [popup] female adult
Haemaphysalis elongata  [popup] male adult
Haemaphysalis elongata  [popup] larva
Haemaphysalis elongata  [popup] nymph
Haemaphysalis hoodi  [popup] female adult
Haemaphysalis hoodi  [popup] male adult
Haemaphysalis hoodi  [popup] larva
Haemaphysalis hoodi  [popup] nymph
Haemaphysalis juxtakochi  [popup] female adult
Haemaphysalis juxtakochi  [popup] male adult
Haemaphysalis juxtakochi  [popup] larva
Haemaphysalis juxtakochi  [popup] nymph
Haemaphysalis leachi  [popup] female adult
Haemaphysalis leachi  [popup] male adult
Haemaphysalis leachi  [popup] larva
Haemaphysalis leachi  [popup] nymph
Haemaphysalis leporispalustris  [popup] female adult
Rabbit Tick
Haemaphysalis leporispalustris  [popup] male adult
Rabbit Tick
Haemaphysalis leporispalustris  [popup] larva
Rabbit Tick
Haemaphysalis leporispalustris  [popup] nymph
Rabbit Tick
Haemaphysalis muhsamae  [popup] female adult
Haemaphysalis muhsamae  [popup] male adult
Haemaphysalis muhsamae  [popup] larva
Haemaphysalis muhsamae  [popup] nymph
Haemaphysalis punctata  [popup] female adult
Haemaphysalis punctata  [popup] male adult
Haemaphysalis punctata  [popup] larva
Haemaphysalis punctata  [popup] nymph
Haemaphysalis wellingtoni  [popup] female adult
Haemaphysalis wellingtoni  [popup] male adult
Haemaphysalis wellingtoni  [popup] larva
Haemaphysalis wellingtoni  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma aegyptium  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma aegyptium  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma aegyptium  [popup] larva
Hyalomma aegyptium  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma albiparmatum  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma albiparmatum  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma albiparmatum  [popup] larva
Hyalomma albiparmatum  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma anatolicum  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma anatolicum  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma anatolicum  [popup] larva
Hyalomma anatolicum  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma dromedarii  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma dromedarii  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma dromedarii  [popup] larva
Hyalomma dromedarii  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma impressum  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma impressum  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma impressum  [popup] larva
Hyalomma impressum  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma lusitanicum  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma lusitanicum  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma lusitanicum  [popup] larva
Hyalomma lusitanicum  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma marginatum  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma marginatum  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma marginatum  [popup] larva
Hyalomma marginatum  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma rufipes  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma rufipes  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma rufipes  [popup] larva
Hyalomma rufipes  [popup] nymph
Hyalomma truncatum  [popup] female adult
Hyalomma truncatum  [popup] male adult
Hyalomma truncatum  [popup] larva
Hyalomma truncatum  [popup] nymph
Ixodes affinis  [popup] female adult
Ixodes affinis  [popup] male adult
Ixodes affinis  [popup] larva
Ixodes affinis  [popup] nymph
Ixodes angustus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes angustus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes angustus  [popup] larva
Ixodes angustus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes auritulus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes auritulus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes auritulus  [popup] larva
Ixodes auritulus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes baergi  [popup] female adult
Ixodes baergi  [popup] male adult
Ixodes baergi  [popup] larva
Ixodes baergi  [popup] nymph
Ixodes banksi  [popup] female adult
Ixodes banksi  [popup] male adult
Ixodes banksi  [popup] larva
Ixodes banksi  [popup] nymph
Ixodes brunneus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes brunneus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes brunneus  [popup] larva
Ixodes brunneus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes conepati  [popup] female adult
Ixodes conepati  [popup] male adult
Ixodes conepati  [popup] larva
Ixodes conepati  [popup] nymph
Ixodes cookei  [popup] female adult
Woodchuck Tick
Ixodes cookei  [popup] male adult
Woodchuck Tick
Ixodes cookei  [popup] larva
Woodchuck Tick
Ixodes cookei  [popup] nymph
Woodchuck Tick
Ixodes dentatus  [popup] female adult
Eastern Rabbit Tick
Ixodes dentatus  [popup] male adult
Eastern Rabbit Tick
Ixodes dentatus  [popup] larva
Eastern Rabbit Tick
Ixodes dentatus  [popup] nymph
Eastern Rabbit Tick
Ixodes eadsi  [popup] female adult
Ixodes eadsi  [popup] male adult
Ixodes eadsi  [popup] larva
Ixodes eadsi  [popup] nymph
Ixodes eastoni  [popup] female adult
Ixodes eastoni  [popup] male adult
Ixodes eastoni  [popup] larva
Ixodes eastoni  [popup] nymph
Ixodes hearlei  [popup] female adult
Ixodes hearlei  [popup] male adult
Ixodes hearlei  [popup] larva
Ixodes hearlei  [popup] nymph
Ixodes hexagonus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes hexagonus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes hexagonus  [popup] larva
Ixodes hexagonus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes howelli  [popup] female adult
Ixodes howelli  [popup] male adult
Ixodes howelli  [popup] larva
Ixodes howelli  [popup] nymph
Ixodes jellisoni  [popup] female adult
Ixodes jellisoni  [popup] male adult
Ixodes jellisoni  [popup] larva
Ixodes jellisoni  [popup] nymph
Ixodes kingi  [popup] female adult
Rotund Tick
Ixodes kingi  [popup] male adult
Rotund Tick
Ixodes kingi  [popup] larva
Rotund Tick
Ixodes kingi  [popup] nymph
Rotund Tick
Ixodes laysanensis  [popup] female adult
Ixodes laysanensis  [popup] male adult
Ixodes laysanensis  [popup] larva
Ixodes laysanensis  [popup] nymph
Ixodes luciae  [popup] female adult
Ixodes luciae  [popup] male adult
Ixodes luciae  [popup] larva
Ixodes luciae  [popup] nymph
Ixodes marmotae  [popup] female adult
Ixodes marmotae  [popup] male adult
Ixodes marmotae  [popup] larva
Ixodes marmotae  [popup] nymph
Ixodes marxi  [popup] female adult
Squirrel Tick
Ixodes marxi  [popup] male adult
Squirrel Tick
Ixodes marxi  [popup] larva
Squirrel Tick
Ixodes marxi  [popup] nymph
Squirrel Tick
Ixodes minor  [popup] female adult
Ixodes minor  [popup] male adult
Ixodes minor  [popup] larva
Ixodes minor  [popup] nymph
Ixodes muris  [popup] female adult
Mouse Tick
Ixodes muris  [popup] male adult
Mouse Tick
Ixodes muris  [popup] larva
Mouse Tick
Ixodes muris  [popup] nymph
Mouse Tick
Ixodes ochotonae  [popup] female adult
Ixodes ochotonae  [popup] male adult
Ixodes ochotonae  [popup] larva
Ixodes ochotonae  [popup] nymph
Ixodes pacificus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes pacificus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes pacificus  [popup] larva
Ixodes pacificus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes peromysci  [popup] female adult
Ixodes peromysci  [popup] male adult
Ixodes peromysci  [popup] larva
Ixodes peromysci  [popup] nymph
Ixodes pilosus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes pilosus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes pilosus  [popup] larva
Ixodes pilosus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes ricinus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes ricinus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes ricinus  [popup] larva
Ixodes ricinus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes rugosus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes rugosus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes rugosus  [popup] larva
Ixodes rugosus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes scapularis  [popup] female adult
Blacklegged Tick
Ixodes scapularis  [popup] male adult
Blacklegged Tick
Ixodes scapularis  [popup] larva
Blacklegged Tick
Ixodes scapularis  [popup] nymph
Blacklegged Tick
Ixodes schillingsi  [popup] female adult
Ixodes schillingsi  [popup] male adult
Ixodes schillingsi  [popup] larva
Ixodes schillingsi  [popup] nymph
Ixodes sculptus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes sculptus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes sculptus  [popup] larva
Ixodes sculptus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes signatus  [popup] female adult
Ixodes signatus  [popup] male adult
Ixodes signatus  [popup] larva
Ixodes signatus  [popup] nymph
Ixodes soricis  [popup] female adult
Ixodes soricis  [popup] male adult
Ixodes soricis  [popup] larva
Ixodes soricis  [popup] nymph
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
Body capitulum
 Anterior (554)
 Inferior (132)
Body color
 Black and ivory pattern (26)
 Red or Brown with gray pattern (24)
 Dark Brown (16)
 Reddish-brown (15)
 Reddish-brown stripes and spots on a pale background (6)
 Black (5)
 Pale yellowish-brown (5)
 Chestnut-brown (2)
 Light brown (2)
 Pale yellowish brown edged with dark brown (2)
Body eyes on scutum
 Yes (302)
 No (252)
Body festoons
 11 (376)
 Absent (296)
 Irregular (36)
 7 (4)
Body genital pore
 Absent (356)
 Present (356)
Body hard shell coverage
 Partial (435)
 Yes (145)
 No (132)
Body length males
 3.4 mm - 8.0 mm (31)
 2.3 mm - 3.3 mm (30)
 0.1 mm - 2.2 mm (10)
Body lighter color extent females
 None (47)
 Mostly connected patch covers scutum (27)
 Three distinct patches (23)
 One obvious patch at rear (6)
 Small amount irregular markings (2)
 Two distinct patches (2)
Body lighter color extent males
 None (44)
 Covers roughly half the body (36)
 Covers most of the body (15)
 Small amounts (13)
Body punctation size and distribution
 Large, medium, and fine throughout (130)
 Fine and evenly distributed (47)
 Fine and medium, more coarse toward body edge (36)
 Fine with medium or large on scapulae (17)
 Four rows of widely spaced punctations (4)
Body rear anal groove
 Behind anus or indistinct (428)
 In front of anus (152)
Body rear projections
 No (694)
 Caudal protuberance (8)
 Scutes (6)
 Bristles (4)
Body side shape
 Wider in front (522)
 Roughly parallel (23)
 Wider in rear (10)
Body surface texture
 Not Leathery, fine wrinkles or plates (576)
 Leathery with many minute elevations (80)
 Leathery with many folds and disks (36)
 Leathery and granulated (8)
 Leathery, semi-transparent, appears smooth and shiny (8)
Disease type of common human disease transmitted
 None (608)
 Relapsing fever (80)
 Ehrlichiosis (16)
 Tick paralysis (16)
 Lyme disease (12)
 Tularemia (12)
 Babesiosis (8)
 Rocky mountain spotted fever (8)
 Colorado tick fever (4)
 Ixodidae (580)
 Argasidae (132)
Head auricula shape
 No obvious auricula (173)
 Straight points (12)
 Curved horns (7)
Head basis capituli shape
 Not hexagonal (461)
 Hexagon (127)
Head cornua presence
 Without obvious cornua (112)
 Obvious cornua (73)
Head denticle size and shape difference
 Denticles on edges roughly the same size and shape as middle (183)
 Denticles on edges different size or shape than middle (20)
Head hypostomal dentition
 3/3 (118)
 4/4 (57)
 3.5/3.5 (14)
 2/2 (12)
 5/5 or greater (11)
Head hypostome shape
 Rounded (150)
 Pointed (10)
 Indented (9)
Head mouthpart length
 Much longer than basis capituli (432)
 Mouthparts not visible from above (132)
 As long as basis capituli (124)
Head palpi shape
 Second segment not laterally produced (412)
 Second segment laterally produced (36)
Head presence of setae at base of palps
 Present (4)
 absent (4)
Head shape of cheeks
 Absent (20)
 Oval (14)
 Wider at rear (6)
 Mammal (460)
 Human (200)
 Reptile (160)
 Bird (132)
 Amphibian (55)
 Insect (4)
Leg coxae I spur length difference
 External roughly equal to internal (86)
 External greater than internal (52)
 Internal longer than external (50)
 Only internal spur visible (15)
 Only external spur visible (13)
 No internal or external spur visible (8)
Leg lighter color pattern
 None (244)
 Banded (40)
 Splotches (11)
 Stripes extending away from body (1)
Leg number
 8 (534)
 6 (178)
 Native (324)
 Africa (127)
 South America (95)
 Europe (40)
 Central America (32)
 Asia (24)
 Middle East (20)
 South Pacific (18)
 Australia (13)
 Carribean (12)
Range common ticks of the USA
 Southeast (16)
 Northeast (8)
 West (8)
Range destination of intercepted exotic tick
 Native (324)
 NY (154)
 FL (104)
 CA (70)
 TX (64)
 IL (54)
 MD (38)
 OH (38)
 AZ (30)
 HI (28)
 NC (28)
 CT (26)
 PA (26)
 CO (24)
 GA (24)
 MS (24)
 LA (20)
 MO (18)
 DC (16)
 MI (16)
 TN (16)
 ME (14)
 AL (12)
 OK (12)
 AK (8)
 IN (8)
 KY (8)
 OR (8)
 VA (8)
 WA (8)
 SC (6)
 IA (4)
 ID (4)
 KS (4)
 MA (4)
 MN (4)
 MT (4)
 ND (4)
 NE (4)
 NH (4)
 NJ (4)
 NM (4)
 NV (4)
 UT (4)
Range in US
 NY (187)
 CA (170)
 FL (136)
 TX (133)
 CO (80)
 IL (74)
 OR (68)
 NC (63)
 AZ (62)
 GA (60)
 MD (59)
 OH (59)
 PA (54)
 OK (49)
 IN (48)
 TN (48)
 UT (48)
 AL (44)
 MS (44)
 WA (44)
 WI (44)
 CT (43)
 SC (42)
 MI (40)
 MO (38)
 MT (36)
 AR (33)
 LA (33)
 VA (33)
 HI (32)
 IA (32)
 SD (32)
 ME (31)
 ID (30)
 NM (29)
 DC (28)
 KS (25)
 AK (24)
 MA (24)
 MN (24)
 NV (24)
 RI (21)
 WV (20)
 WY (20)
 NH (17)
 NJ (17)
 DE (16)
 ND (16)
 NE (16)
 KY (13)
 VT (8)
Range status
 Exotic - quarantine concern (388)
 Native (324)
 Exotic - alien invasive (24)