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4 kinds match


Ashmeadiella bucconis  [popup] female
Ashmeadiella bucconis  [popup] male
Ashmeadiella floridana  [popup] female
Ashmeadiella floridana  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Female, A. bucconis vs A. floridana, combination of characters
 A. bucconis - Distance from lateral ocelli to back of head far greater than distance to the eyes - Clypeus rim straight, usually with several small bumps - Cheek either equal to or wider than eye (1)
 A. floridana - Distance from lateral ocelli to back of head about the same as distance to eyes or slightly less - Clypeus rim slightly, but noticeably, concave, rim usually completely smooth - Cheek narrower than eye (1)
Head, lateral ocelli, edge, position
 Distance to compound eyes and distance to back of head roughly equal (2)
 Distance to compound eyes less than distance to back of head (2)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 12, female (2)
 13, male (2)
State or province where bee was collected
 AL (4)
 FL (4)
 GA (4)
 MS (4)
 NC (4)
 SC (4)
 VA (4)
 WV (4)
 DC (2)
 DE (2)
 IL (2)
 IN (2)
 KY (2)
 MD (2)
 MI (2)
 NJ (2)
 NY (2)
 OH (2)
 PA (2)
 TN (2)
 WI (2)
 ME (1)