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8 kinds match


Augochlora aurifera  [popup] female
Augochlora aurifera  [popup] male
Augochlora azteca  [popup] female
Augochlora azteca  [popup] male
Augochlora nigrocyanea  [popup] female
Augochlora nigrocyanea  [popup] male
Augochlora pura  [popup] female
Augochlora pura  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
A. azteca vs A. pura
 A. pura - A much more likely encountered species (2)
 A. azteca - A female paratype from Costa Rica was examined of this rarely collected species and no morphological traits appeared to differentiate it from A. pura - No males have been examined. (1)
Abdomen, color
 Bright metallic green, often with strong brass to gold overtones (5)
 A. nigrocyanea - Primarily black, but many specimens with green, dark blue, or purple highlights - Found in TEXAS (2)
 Southern Florida form of A. pura - Dark blue, purple, or black (2)
Sex; number of antennal segments
 Female; 12 (4)
 Male; 13 (4)
State or province where bee was collected
 TX (8)
 AL (2)
 AR (2)
 AZ (2)
 CO (2)
 CT (2)
 DC (2)
 DE (2)
 FL (2)
 GA (2)
 IA (2)
 IL (2)
 IN (2)
 KS (2)
 KY (2)
 LA (2)
 MA (2)
 MD (2)
 ME (2)
 MI (2)
 MN (2)
 MO (2)
 MS (2)
 Manitoba (2)
 NC (2)
 NH (2)
 NJ (2)
 NY (2)
 New Brunswick (2)
 Nova Scotia (2)
 OH (2)
 Ontario (2)
 PA (2)
 Prince Edward Island (2)
 Quebec (2)
 RI (2)
 SC (2)
 TN (2)
 VA (2)
 VT (2)
 WI (2)
 WV (2)
 Augochlora (6)
 Oxystoglossella (2)
Thorax, propodeal triangle, striations
 Reaching posterior rim (6)
 Not reaching posterior rim (2)