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Discover Life
35 kinds match


Crepidospermum goudotianum  [popup]
Crepidospermum prancei  [popup]
Crepidospermum rhoifolium  [popup]
Dacryodes chimantensis  [popup]
Dacryodes cuspidata  [popup]
Dacryodes hopkinsii  [popup]
Dacryodes peruviana  [popup]
Protium altsonii  [popup]
Protium amazonicum  [popup]
Protium calanense  [popup]
Protium crassipetalum  [popup]
Protium decandrum  [popup]
Protium divaricatum divaricatum  [popup]
Protium divaricatum krukoffii  [popup]
Protium ferrugineum  [popup]
Protium gallosum  [popup]
Protium glabrescens  [popup]
Protium grandifolium  [popup]
Protium hebetatum  [popup]
Protium heptaphyllum  [popup] ulei
Protium klugii  [popup]
Protium nodulosum  [popup]
Protium opacum  [popup]
Protium pallidum  [popup]
Protium paniculatum  [popup]
Protium puncticulatum  [popup]
Protium sagotianum  [popup]
Protium spruceanum  [popup]
Protium subserratum  [popup]
Protium tenuifolium  [popup]
Protium trifoliolatum  [popup]
Tetragastris panamensis  [popup]
Trattinnickia aspera  [popup]
Trattinnickia glaziovii  [popup]
Trattinnickia peruviana  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Latex color
 Clear (28)
 None (4)
 White (4)
 Yellow in trunkslash (1)
Leaf Margin
 Entire (31)
 Serrated (5)
Leaf texture
 Smooth (30)
 Asperous (4)
 Hairy (4)
Leaflet apex
 Very long (12)
 Often toothed (8)
 Short (8)
Leaflet attachment
 Petiolule (33)
 Sessile (2)
Leaflet size
 Large (22)
 Small (15)
Number of leaflets
 Many (24)
 Few (12)
 Turpentine (17)
 Sweet (16)
 None (8)
Petiolular swellings
 Present (26)
 None (10)
 Has golden spots (2)
 Cylindrical and green (1)
 Reddish nodes (1)
 White nodes, also on petiolues (1)
 Winged, petiolues also winged (1)
Secondary veins
 Prominent (16)
 Not prominent (6)
 Prominent, symmetrical (4)
 Prominent, assymetrical (2)
 Secondaries close well in from margin (1)
Soil type
 Brown sand (22)
 Clay (22)
 White sand (4)
Tertiary veins
 Indistinct (9)
 Distinct (6)
Underside leaf surface
 Dull (20)
 Shiny (12)